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music_mom30 Premium
Hola again! Welcomed you in the forum, but can't hurt to say HEY again :)
jonsbiz Premium
Hi and thank you for the buddy invite! I'm sure that i'll need some advice soon..
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME ! Glad to have you here !

Feel free to PM me of you need help. Good luck ! :)
jonsbiz Premium
Thank you for the buddy invite,Been brainstorming today
Just taking it one step at a time.
PaintMeFancy Premium
Welcome to WA. You will love this site!
jonsbiz Premium
Ok so today is day one...I'm ready to start learning and to get my feet wet...thank you for making this site.
jonsbiz Premium
My name is jon, I'm in my 40's married 17 great years and have two beautiful kids. Dustin and Paige 21 and 17 (in that order)
I have allways been very artistic, I love playing guitar writing songs ,love to draw..Making sports skills videos and just love being very creative.
I have interned at a fm radio station, have made 30 sec spots
and commercials and really enjoyed it! Have gone to college
and recieved a degree in record and album production.
I also enjoy taking sports pictures of my kids, going to gymnastics tournys for my son and softball games for my daughter.
Trying to get a achedemic and athletic scholarship for Paige
I created a website for her as a result of the need for personal information about her, games, schedules, pics,
skills video all this for her college recruiting.
Many people have come to her website and still visit.
College offers have been made and so the goal to have a site to promote her as a softball pitcher has been achieved.
I would say that creating it from nothing, with a goal in mind
and having done all the hard work..it really paid off.

My son recently suffered a cardiac arrest in september of this year. So our lives have been turned upside down, to say the least. Taking state disability and not working to take care of my son has forced me into financial ruin.
I dont even have the money to pay for my new membership here, but I have a goal to get us back on our feet, to make Dustin well again and bring him home from the hostpital.
To take care of Stacy my wife and to provide money for paige for college.
If there is a will... than there is a way .
That is why I joined today with a sincere hope that I can do this. Thank you, Jon