Blogging Every Day Does Work

Last Update: January 21, 2019

For all you newbies out there "Blogging Every Day Does Work!"

At the back end of 2018 we started a new website in the make money online niche in readiness for the New Year. We had set ourselves the goal of writing a new blog post daily from Monday to Friday.

At the end of the day if you read any of the success stories here at WA they all say that they blog every day on average which just builds and builds your website visitors.

Online marketing is a numbers game!

The more people you get to your website, the more money you will make.

So, we have a top info bar on our website which is available via a Wordpress plugin called Hello Bar. Every week you get a really useful email showing analytics for the previous week.

So here is the analytics we got for the last week of December 2018.

As you can see we had 12 views (visitors) to our website that week with 1 click on the button on the Hello Bar which takes people through to WA.

Since Monday 7th January we have achieved our ongoing goal of writing new content every day Monday to Friday.

With that in mind, here are the analytics from last week Jan 14th to Jan 20th 2019.

That is a 4800% increase in website visitors in just 3 weeks!

As you can see we also had 5 clicks through from the bar straight to WA as well. As a result of the increase of visitors our referrals have increased as well.

In the whole of December we only had 5 referrals. In January so far we have already had 13

So, if ever you had any doubts that writing regular blog posts makes a difference, as you can see, it definitely does!

So, how often do you write new posts? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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JMatonge1 Premium
Hey John,
I appreciate the shared info. Be blessed everyday of your life.
Donna2018 Premium
Hi Jon,
I try to blog everday, but it usually takes me a day or two to finish my blog depending on how long it is. I haven't mastered the speed yet! I guess that just take time!
Thanks for sharing,
JonLake Premium
Yes Donna, practise makes perfect as they say!
Alex 1959 Premium
Brilliant post Jon and thanks. It's interesting to hear about your success and that you still advocate that blogging every day works! Recently a lot of advice I got from another training site was that daily blogging didn't work anymore and that one post a week with 2k+ words was the way forward. Good to know that your way is working!

What's your recommendation for word count as a minimum?

Great plugin tip by the way.....thanks!

JonLake Premium
Thanks Alex for your comment. Must admit last year we found it hard to focus our minds to write regularly. That was why we made it our main goal for this year.

We would recommend a minimum of 1000 words although we have managed 2000 when on a roll!

All the best Alex
DebbieSt Premium
Thanks for sharing these stats with us.
It is fantastic to see how much the traffic has increased to your site.
May it continue!
JonLake Premium
Thanks Debs
FranCallado Premium
Awesome job guys. Keep going!
JonLake Premium
Thanks Fran