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I was excited that I finally hit the "money making" part of training. In one of the very first lessons it asked me to apply to atleast 1 affiliate link and I applied to share a sale.I just got the news that unfortunately they rejected my application.I don't know what happened, I've followed each and every step in the training and for whatever reason they don't want to work with me.Anyone have a solution to this problem? Perhaps maybe you could look at my website and tell me what I may be doing
I'm movin' on upI made it to the money making part of the training. Finally, the juicy stuff. My rank within the WA community has improved substantially. My website is looking' semi-legit. Realizing more and more that I'm definitely gonna do this.Next GoalsI'm in the money making part of training now. So the goal is to be producing income which I don't think is unreasonable. In three months I'd like to see noticeable profits to the money I've put in on the platform sign up. It might be difficul
Man o' man. The last two days I've gotten piles of good news! Today I got the badge that I have earned my google index badge!It also looks like I will be most likely approved with my first affiliate marketing site and in just a little bit of time I'll have my adsense ad's showing.I also have somebody I know who wants to affiliate with me as well. This is gonna take me places I can already taste it!
I worked my butt off today and I actually got a lot done. Really staring to get the hang of some of this. I got through a little bit more training and I actually spent more time "taking action" than expected.Anyway letting you guys know I'm back to my day job for the next 3 days and I won't be on much if at all.Thankfully I got enough done today where I won't be bothered to the core that I'm not progressing through this. Hopefully I'll find some time to hop online for some training over the nex
Why is this so terrifying!To be honest, it's not even that expensive. It was like 13 bucks or something to purchase my own domain. The thing is, if you're somebody like me, deploying your hard-earned dollars is difficult to do to anything that doesn't taste awesome. I'm cheap. It's scary committing to a monthly payment of something I'm not 100% sure I'm going to succeed in. So what of it?Welp, I did it anyway. All great things require risk and I decided to believe I can do this so I'm following
Man that was a hard 20 bucks to give up.The deal was $19.00 the first month and $50.00 thereafter to sign up for a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Here I'm not only brand new to online business but brand new to computers! I hadn't touched a computer since I was in high school and I hated every minute when I had to! So I told myself, "hey I write pretty well. I bet you I could start a pretty good blog.Here everybody speaks about getting scammed online so its natural to assume that just