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You ever heard that old saying about letting the cards fall where they may ?.I have so many times in my life and to be honest that saying can be used in a variety of situations. The most common situation I've found this old saying goes well with is the times when we i was trying to hard or being over critical when they're wasn't any need in doing so. The other type of situation I've found this saying to go along with was when I've tried over and over to help people that simply had no interest i
I was checking my email earlier and seen that one of my articles on my newest website had been ranked in google. I was realy happy to see that google was recognizing my website and that I actually was on the first page. I know there's more great things to come from here I've put lots of time and tried to write as much keyword related content as. I could to get this website built at a faster pace. I think there's a gonna be a bright future ahead as long as I stay consistent. Which to be honest
Had to reconnect my membership because the bank wouldn't allow the transaction to go through automatically because of someone stealing my identity. I had a post about this recently on my blog about this whole thing. I just wanted to let everyone here that I haven't left I'm still here just having some difficulties still with all the security features and having to verify every transaction online especially. Idk I'm just thankful that I am able to clear this all up I My bank is helping a lot in
How is everyone today hope your all doing well and staying safe out there. Today I want to share a little bit about my journey here at wealthy affiliate so far. Let me start from the very beginning when I first joined wealthy affiliate and why i joined wealthy affiliate.I was working at a manufacturing facility by the name of shaw industries. I had been working here for a few years now it was a good paying job and a lot better than my last job and had way better benefits.At Shaw we made carpet
June 09, 2020
I've been Having issues with identity theft and have not been able to get my payment through to wealthy affiliate i missed this this has. Been such a big frustration but luckily my bank is working with me and hopefully I'll have all this done and over with soon but I just wanted to say im happy to be back again
April 26, 2020
What's to come ?•This question holds so many more unanswered questions for so many people. In fact it has been since the beginning and will always remain a question forever and always. We are not able to predict the future so life in general has its own level of uncertainty right ?.Do we know what tomorrow will bring?Do we know what a week from now will bring ?Or even a year from now ?Of course we may know to a ceartin degree because of the things we have planned or scheduled. But we do no
As you probably all know to well about this awful pandemic sweeping the nation.I just wanted to express my concerns about this and give sympathy to anyone here at w/a who has been affected by this awful virus.I know everyone is seeing change in every day life not being able to visit loved ones and the cancellation of so many events around the world. I had planned to travel outside of the us for the very first time this year with my wife and some freinds to go see something that's been one of m
So I earned my 1st certification badge here at wealthy affiliate I feel realy accomplished I've been working hard on both of my websites lately and researching new keywords I'm so glad to have this opportunity and am able to do something I enjoy and that helps other people I hope you all are doing well today and staying safe out there every one stay safe out there abs use hand Sanitizer that Coronavirus cidv 19 is an awful thing for our people in the us right now as well as our economy is suff
Ok so I woke up this morning and I do as I always do. I took a shower got a cup of coffee and went out on my back porch and light up my morning cigarette. I know smoking is a bad habbit but I'm just being as real and honest as possible. But as I done that I got on my AdSense account and figured I might as well check it I haven't in several days.Thats what my earnings had gone up to I couldn't believe it. Even though that's not a lot of money it still let me know that I'm starting to definitely
January 23, 2020
I've just purchased my 2nd domain here at w/a and started creating my first peace's of content for my new website. I've already got my first website pretty well established and seem to be getting a steady ammount of traffic and I'm starting to see some revenue being generated wich is great in the beginning I thought at times this day wouldn't ever come but with hard work and being dedicated. I strarted seeing results within a few months I'm far from where I'd like to be but I'm getting there an