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November 09, 2020
I just logged on to wealthy affiliate and seen my notification that I'm now in the top 200. I've been working toward getting here and it feels great to finally accomplish this goal. Im moving closer to my goal of becoming an ambassador. I just wanted to share this with you all I hope you're all reaching and accomplishing the goals you have been working to accomplish as well. Have a great day and successful week everyone!Jonathon
November 07, 2020
I really like all the new features that premium plus has to offer. And I'm feeling really excited to see how much more I can achieve with premium plus !!
Things are still looking good my rank is currently 215 on wealthy affiliate. Today's been a fairly busy day today helping some people I know clean up the fallen trees out of there yard that the storm brought down the other day. Tomorrow I'm going to be doing the same thing for my freinds mother. All in all this week has been a great week I've managed to get lots of work done on my websites I've even looked into joining some new affiliate programs. I've also been speaking with people about weal
I hope everyone is doing well and having a positive productive day. I am really thankful to be here with you all sharing our success stories and helping each other as a community. It still amazes me all the great people who are here that I've met on this platform. I've been very active in promoting wealthy affiliate trying to get the word out to as many people as I can. I know when I fell on hard times and i first found wealthy affiliate it actually gave me a new outlook on life and helped me r
I didn't expect such big improvements on the platform it took me by suprise. I can already tell I'm going to like the new navigation features much better.My first initial reaction logging on this afternoon had me a little worried at first until i watched the video and got to see the new platform for myself now that I see how much easier it's going to be.I am now more motivated and confident in the platform than ever before. I do lots of maintaining my websites from my smartphone because I have
October 31, 2020
hope you're all doing well I logged on to wealthy affiliate this afternoon and I am getting closer to reaching my goals of hopefully becoming an ambassador on wealthy affiliate. I really do consider everyone here to be like one big family. I've met people here from all over the world that have told me there stories and they've given me helpful advice and helped me reach out to people on the other side of the world. I've done lots of things I couldn't have ever done without this platform. Wealth
I half to say that I didn't expect that this hurricane was going to have the impact that it had. We've had a few strong storms come through in the past but I don't even think hurricane Irma was quite like this.This morning around 5:30am is when it made its way through here. It continued on from 5:30 until around 11:00am this morning. 80-100mph winds are no joke originally the weather forcaste didn't say we would have winds that strong it was originally supposed to be 50 mph sustained winds and
I decided to share something with you all something that will change the way you look at money and maybe even change your outlook on life forever. I decided to share this with you all after listening to someone talk about wealth and how wealth is created. I've heard Kyle as well as a few other members make the statement saying make sure your niche fills a human need.That statement is very true and applies to the way that you and this is the heart of your buisness and will decide if you will suc
Hope your all doing well I have some great news to share with you all today. I just received 2 new referrals here at wealthy affiliate. I've been having a hard time getting referrals so I decided to reach out to someone for help and they've done an exceptional job in helping me find people to join wealthy affiliate so far.I plan to use some different methods from now on they've given me some helpful information to build off of.The method this person uses is running ads on social media like Pint
I hope everyone is doing well I wanted to make this short post to share with you all. I received another wealthy affiliate dedication badge for my 1 year as a premium member. You know time realy goes by fast the whole saying time flys is a big understatement a year passed by in the blink of an eye. You know they say time flys when your having fun and I have realy been enjoying my time here at wealthy affiliate as a premium member. One of my goals right now with being involved in the community h