Setting Achievable Goals

Last Update: January 03, 2016
setting achievable goals

simply love the last webinar on goal setting.and definate daily duties.
For me I can set daily,weekly,monthly and yearly goals.
I can review them per week and setup or change around depending on the known results,theyre attaining.

For me having my known schedule,and pre-determined goals are very synchronal.

I have the ability to recreate my outlooks and strategies to achieve harmonius melodies.

develop what works

Setup a calender that works well for you, Its gonna be as differant as we are as human beings,just tweak it and put it to work to attain your desired outcome.

hit your mark

Step into your comfort-zone,develop a game plan,stick with it.

Change it as needed.

Reap the rewards for your planning and executions.

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AlexEvans Premium
Thanks for this post John, great reminder.
playfulheart Premium
Great post. Thanks for sending this out.
Larry MaC Premium
Great information and thinking here. Thanks for the share.
Sheila50 Premium
Great blog! You are so correct with have a plan to reach each section of your goals.
XinZhang Premium
True, goals need to have a plan behind them or they are just wishes!