Basics of Email Marketing

Last Update: August 14, 2019

Email marketing is pretty effective. There’s no denying that when you send something direct to another person’s inbox you stand a better chance at reaching them than many other forms of marketing. Ah, but there is a bit of science required in order to make that email look important rather than just another piece of spam. But how do you do it? Simple – with these tips.

1 – Remember What Your Primary Tool Is

Pop Quiz: What is the primary tool of email marketing? If you guessed email, you are sorta right but not exactly. Your main tool is the newsletter you are using email to distribute. Yes, without email you couldn’t get your newsletter stuffed into so many inboxes with so little effort. However, the newsletter requires a great deal of effort. It’s the thing that should hook your prospects and more or less convince them that they need your product or service.

2 – Start With An Awesome Newsletter

Now that you know the secret behind effective email marketing (which should be in all reality called newsletter marketing), how do you make a newsletter stand out? Well, it should contain something important. Random jokes and clip art may make it look all pretty and stuff but the newsletter needs some juice. For example, if you are using email marketing to promote your business, make a special offer the main nugget in that newsletter.

3 – Include A Grabber Subject Line

Remember that when your newsletter gets sent to all your email recipients that all they are going to see is the subject line in their email program. One really good way to get yours ignored is to use a subject line that looks spammy. You know, something unimaginative like: “Open Now! You Won’t Believe What’s Inside” or “Special Delivery Just For You.” Those just scream ‘spam’ to us. Think about what your newsletter is about and draw subject lines from that.

It’s A Lot Easier Than It Sounds

When you know how to set up email marketing campaigns, you will see huge benefits over the long term. If you send out one per month or every other month, you have an opportunity to build a following that can turn into new and regular business. Email marketing is one of the most effective direct marketing tactics out there. Use it for good, not evil and your business will increase.

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Nadia27 Premium
And remember not to send an email everyday!
Because, you don't want people to feel spammed. I think once or twice per week should be enough.
I like the idea of including a grabber subject line because that will make the person curious to read, increase your opening rate and your chances to sell.