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Last Update: August 26, 2018

Many years ago, I met a very attractive lady who had a degree in psychology. She had a job looking after young teenagers in a 1/2 way house. These boys would be reintroduced into society when their behaviour changed for the better, less violent hopefully.

They did not have respect for her even though she used all of her training , she even would bake muffins for them but they called her names.

One day the funding ran out and she lost her job and had to find work quickly or what little savings she had would be eaten up.

I noticed she had this roll top desk and everything was so in order cheque book diary etc. I said you would make a good salesperson your so organized. As I was in sales I saw many of these traits in top salespeople not always but mostly.

However she looked for different jobs. She got a job teaching exercises in a spa ! This was good because she got in better physical shape. However this did not last more than a month and she was back looking for another job.

I said why don't you look for a sales job ? Finally she came home all excited she landed a job selling calculators and cash registers for a large company ! I said great, and she would start a few days of training starting the next day !

Well, after a week of selling she came home depressed and said I don't think iam going to make it in this business .why, I said what happened ? She said I only sold 3 calculators and there's more money selling cash registers.

So , I asked how many people did you see to get only 3 sales in 5 days maybe you need to see more people = more sales ! She said I saw 50 people every day.What! Was my response ! That's crazy, I asked what do you say when you see these people ?

She said I go into the office and say hi hand them my card and tell them my name and ask if they need any calculators or cash registers ? Then what do they say I asked , the girl says thank you and we will get back to you if we need anything.then of course nobody called back.

So I asked who is this lady you are talking to ?, she said the receptionist. So, is she buying the calculators ?, no the boss or manager is.

Well there's your problem I said , what do you mean was her reply. Well, the lady your talking to is the receptionist secretary right, her job is like a pitbull to keep salespeople away from the manager or boss. You need to talk to the boss. How do I do that was her reply.

Now, there was a contest going on at this company at that time and if you reached a certain amount of sales you would win a trip for 2 to Costa del Sol spain plus $500.00 spending money each a beautiful southern part of spain and $ 509.00 back in 1980 was worth at least $ 1,500.00 in today's dollars .

So, I said to my girlfriend I'am going to give you one set of words to say and you are going to make all kinds of sales you might even make top salesperson ! What's that worth to you ? She got all excited and begged me to tell her. First I said you have to promise me that when you win this trip I get the $500.00 spending money, she promised of course I will you promise yes, yes, of course what are the words ?

Ok the next time you go into a business place you will notice an in out board on the wall, if the boss or manager is in it will show he or she is in or out. Their names are usually at the top of the board. If they are in your in luck if they are out leave don't give the secretary your card or tell her why your there.

If the manager or boss is in ask if you can speak with him and don't give her your card. Now the secretary is going to ask what is this concerning and that's when you lean forward smile and say the magic words ITS RATHER PERSONAL.

Now the secretary doesn't know if your the bosses girlfriend or your from the government tax department and so she is not going to question any more and you will get to see the boss.,but shouldn't I give her my card and tell her where iam from ? No you won't get to see the boss !

Now the boss is probably bored to tears in his office and you walk in a pretty young lady and shake his hand with your soft hand and you are going to make his day, he will buy an inexpensive calculator just for the shear delight of meeting you.

Well the next day she came home with a big smile on her face, she had sold about 20 calculators and one cash register. She said what I told her worked exactly as I said and the bosses were so happy to meet me they even referred me to their friends !

That week she sold 70 calculators and 3 cash registers !

She went on to being the top salesperson for the company in canada and we both went to Spain but she never gave me the $ 500.00 , she said I didn't need it . Some people just don't appreciate what you do for them.

The story doesn't end she went on to give seminars on how to sell and later I.B.M. hired her she was a top salesperson there also and later got a job selling postal services for canada post and had to beat out 500 applicants to get the job and was top salesperson there also.

I'am sorry if my story was a bit long but I just wanted to motivate someone into realizing that there are important words that can make you a lot of money not just in wa. So be careful how you choose your words.

There are many motivating words out there I learned in 30 years of selling but you have to get out there to use them and use them the right way. So maybe this will help someone in wa. ?

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Thank you for this story!
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If it will inspire someone to make a sale great ! Following u now also
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Thank you for your shared stories. What keyword ro bring positive success at WA?...strength, determination, blogs, community....
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Glad u liked the story it was hard to believe at the time how I changed this girls life for the better but I didn't want to marry her ha ha !
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Great story.Loved It.
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Glad u liked it following u now also
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Experience is the key , very nice content even had the up sell.
Nice I did injoy
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A great motivator of a story John. Thank you!
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I love motivating stories it gets me pumped just like when I read yours havha !