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Last Update: January 17, 2019

Top 100

I've been doing the boot camp and the certification simultaneously.

I'm still learning a lot!

2019 I've stated my goal is to find 500 Premium minded individuals to help me make to Vegas.

When I left for medical reasons over a year @Ericcantu and I met and began following one another. He did it, so can I. I remember finding out he was in south Texas and a firefighter. When I saw he was on the front page of WA. Too cool.

Now if I can figure out how to make images do what I want them to. And oh yeah, the videos at You Tube. I have copper past the end of the threshold for 4 Mb down and 1 to 1.5 Mb up. It's a bit better than dial-up.

Let's not forget FB, Twitter, Google and more, so much more. I start training that leads to another training; hours go by, and I realize that I haven't been out of the chair for even a potty break.

I keep a Contigo 24oz (insert link here) (for newbies) stainless steel drink container with tea in the mornings. When it is empty it is filled with high Ph water (another link)(again for the newbies) that I obtain from my local grocery.

Got a major portion of work done around the house which is one of my responsibilities. When you make major renovations on your wife's nest it is best to continue as if time is of the essence. And it helps keep the house clean.

Start at the beginning folks.

Ask questions. All you folks that haven't gone premium, or newbies, don't forget to use the search window on your WA page.

When I hit the 200 mark it was a blur, I couldn't even stop to write for you guys.

I've learned so much and still can't make all the clicks and words and plugins work the way I want. My site's not shiny like it should be, but I'm learning each day.

I saw Jennifer @jadatherapy today on another profile. Her visit was a month or so old and there was no other traffic going back for years. I dropped her a hello and proceeded on my journey.

It's very interesting to me to find those that leave and there's no closure. Some return years later successful or not, but they kept paying to stay here.

It is my conviction that we need to be a productive member of society right up till the end.

I know my life is already a success, but you just continue to help others. We all have so much to learn and pass on.

Best wishes and success to us all.


Don't forget to ask for help.

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ShihTzuSteve Premium
Congratulations, John.

I know where you’re coming from with the renovations and working as if time of the essence!

Best wishes,

sunrise2love Premium
Hey John, congratulations. Hard work always pays off and yours have been. Keep up the good work and very soon we will see you at top 50 and 25 when you can become an Ambassador; isn't this wonderful?

Cheers to your success,

Marley2016 Premium
This is a wonderful blog post today and you are so
right WA is the only place you will find members that
become family to you - and they can be on the
other side of the earth!
Great job making the top 100 Congratulations!!
apache1 Premium Plus
Great work John you know you can do this and more.

You have great support such as Eric and Jennifer that can only boost you towards another level.

Keep moving forward and wishing you the very best in all you do.

FKelso Premium Plus
You certainly know how to keep busy! I don't think I could do both trainings at once. Enjoy -- you seem to be doing well.