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March 07, 2019
Wow! What Just Happened? This has been one wild adventure!It started when I came back to WA as seen above.Cancer to meltdown to surgery to recovery to what now? A year of time went by and now I've been back 4 months.The site that I began originally was still here but in bad health like I was.I started back at the beginning and moved quickly through the courses as the old grey matter began to warm up.My rankings were up in 20+ thousands. As I began at the beginning I was repeating things that we
The light came on!I was researching and found some reviews about one of my misadventures in online marketing. No need for names, but lets just say, they are far more expensive than our WA platform.Kyle and Carson have built a huge community here for us to grow and learn from one another.While looking into those other guys I realized that their marketing was working for them. They have huge followings also.Most like here you can join for free, and get a little help for the little investment. Wha
January 17, 2019
Top 100I've been doing the boot camp and the certification simultaneously. I'm still learning a lot!2019 I've stated my goal is to find 500 Premium minded individuals to help me make to Vegas.When I left for medical reasons over a year @Ericcantu and I met and began following one another. He did it, so can I. I remember finding out he was in south Texas and a firefighter. When I saw he was on the front page of WA. Too cool.Now if I can figure out how to make images do what I want them to. And o
January 01, 2019
When we prepared as Marines to do battle, first there is boot camp, then special weapons and other training. When we follow the lessons we have an active site that our follower/patrons are looking at, (that's OK we're beginners, newbies). We need to get past that and prepare for battle. The battle is our business.I implore you to follow the lessons and complete the tasks. Please also be aware that a combatant formally trained has been given the tools to acquire the target. If you just follow th
December 28, 2018
Why don't we have our own media library. I went to and many others and found nothing of value without paying the piper. This is just another skill set that has to be overcome with my retirement and what time I have left. Please be aware viewers that I am not diswayed. Kyle and Carson and all the rest that have been raised on high and can afford the luxuries we don't have. I followed the lesson to the letter. I DO NOT WANT TO MISLEAD ANYONE! I DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A PENNY THAT IS NOT EARN
December 22, 2018
As evidenced by the image above, I am still in the infancy stage "education". I appreciate those that are following me and I am humbled by making it into the top 200's. All I've done is offer help and review others sites. I have to keep saying the mantra "Take the lesson, do the tasks, more learning, and ask questions when you need help". I think their is one critical step that is missing " whoops rabbit hole" Now don't forget to take action on what you have been learning. We're in this togeth
See this beautiful woman, This is my wife Jennifer J. Alexander (insert hyperlink) I have finally gotten her to jump off this marketing thing, and she states, "and I really LIKE it." You could say I set her up.One evening she mentioned she wanted to do some name branding, we both had our backs to one another. She continues, "Who do you think we should check out first?"This whole time that we were chatting, I was on Jaaxy doing a word search on her name and purchased all
December 07, 2018
It is amazing that after being inactive for a year, everything is still here running smothly, if not in bad health as I was. I feel somewhat caught up, but will continue the lessons to become the one I wish to be.
December 04, 2018
Almost a year to the day I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I immediately retired from the JOB and poured myself into the task of determining my path through this adventure. Many times during this last year, my wife has asked if I wanted to stop paying for something I wasn't using. Each time I would tell her that I would not quit, that this WA is the answer to what she herself is in need of. Last night we were back to back in the office when she said to me she wished we knew a web designer t
June 12, 2017
My Loving wife and I have been out of touch for a few days, come in today and WOW! I'm still trying to get widgets and such figured out.