Why have email Notifications from WA Stopped?

Last Update: December 14, 2017

Email notices from WA to my home email have just seemed to stop coming in about two to three weeks ago. They're not going to my junk folder. It seems if I don't regularly log into WA, email notices just stop being sent to me.

Is this intentional?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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esteadman Premium
Haven't had a problem. WA emails keep coming just as frequently and numerous as before.
Have you contacted Site Support?
Natz01 Premium
Did this ever get sorted out? I've also not been receiving emails from WA like I used to do and I've changed nothing!
GiuliaB Premium
Nat, have you checked your account settings under your profile picture? That's where you need to enable notifications for the different types of emails you may receive from WA.
Let me know how you get on, and if y pour need more help, do DM me :)

JohnnyMark1 Premium
In the last four weeks, email notices from WA have just stopped being sent to me. My settings are still set to receive emails notices. Emails from WA are NOT going to a spam folder. I've even added WA address to my Address Book to prevent that from happening.

Additionally, I've submitted two support tickets and have also submitted help messages to WA's Contact Page a couple of times.

I only get replies that I should change my emails settings, but they are already correctly set!
TDBauer Premium
I can't remember the last time I saw an email from WA, to be honest. I log in every day a couple different times.

Not you got me wondering...

JohnnyMark1 Premium
Hey, thanks for the reply. My settings are correct to receive a notice whenever someone replies to my posts, but I received no such notice of your reply.

I'm going to have to agitate to management that something is not right.