Former Employee say that Google Will Have a 'Disastrous' Year in 2015

Last Update: December 18, 2014

It looks as though more search traffic is being done by mobile devices directly to Amazon, rather than through the Google search engine. Even more reason to also set our sites up for mobile devices. This brings up the question, if the importance of ranking well in Google is diminishing, how do we get our sites in front of people looking for products directly from Amazon and elsewhere?


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tommydillard Premium
Most mobile devises use bing to my knowledge.
KierraW Premium
I think this is where social media comes in. When people follow you on social media they are interested in hearing what you have to say about a particular subject. So that's where you look for people who are asking about what ever product or service you have and contact them FIRST before they get chance to talk to anyone else. That way you get the sale and a long term customer who will most likely spread the word about how you helped them. There's also other search engines besides Google. I think we all rely to much of getting the organic traffic from there. I think if you have a diverse mix of where you promote your traffice ie: social media, yahoo answers, or another search engine, then the traffic you get from Google is just icing on the cake. So bottom line just because Google has a bad year doesn't mean we have to :)