Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program - "Late Joiners"

Last Update: Jun 21, 2017


If you are a part of this community you have probably noticed the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

As we are all here to learn how to make money online works it is something I would highly recommend as it is a great opportunity to make good recurring money each month.

Anyway, if you are a part of the affiliate program here in WA you might have noticed (and becoming frustrated) that many of your invitations never do anything....

As we are all here to learn how to make money online works and make a living completely online I would like to share a screen shot from my e-mail inbox from a mail I got today.

As you can see I made a commission from someone who joined WA as a FREE member almost 2 years ago.

Today that person joined as a premium member...

Just wanted to share this to all of you who are frustrated as beginners and wonder why your invitations never convert into money :)

This is NOT the first time this happens to me, it has been many similar "late joiners" who have decided to finally join.

That is something that is great with affiliate marketing, once someone joins something through your link... They are yours forever... (At least from good affiliate programs)

Have you experienced "late joiners" also? :)

/All the best

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Hi John, a great post. Irv.


good post encouraging

Thank you

This is a great inspiration that some I have already welcomed might actually get smart and join!

Exactly! How is t going?

No such luck, yet!

Thanks for sharing John. This will definitely encourage people to never give up:)

Thank YOU!!

Thank you so much!!!! That is soooo encouraging!! :)

Happy to hear that :) Thank you

Hey John,
My first site here (I'm still building) is not a WA Affiliate Program site but I am very interested in starting one at some point after my first on gets rolling.
It's good to hear this now so maybe I won't be so frustrated later.

Thanks for the info!

Well, you can actually invite people here without taking the bootcamp.

Just read my other post where I explain one way to do it: Hope that helps!

/All the best

Thanks John. I'll check this out.

Congrats John. Yes, patience, and perserverance.

Exactly! Thank you

Classic John, it is almost like some folks come and look and then move on looking then one day they make that decision where Thier future online endeavours my pay dividends great share very motivating.

Lol! Yes exactly!

Thank you for your comment


Good to know...I look forward to it happening to me. Thanks. Debbie

Thank you Debbie, yes it can absolutely happen and it will if you want it bad enough :)

This is great to share as it proves the system works - I have 21 referrals but nobody has gone premium yet!


Thank you, glad you liked the post.

Aha ok, how many do you have today? :)


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