Truth Of Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: February 12, 2017

Let us be totally honest here, what is the real truth of Wealthy Affiliate according to you?

We all know it is an awesome platform to learn how to create websites and learning how to make money from them first of all.

Then when we have learned the basic we can also learn pretty much anything that has to do with internet marketing.

That is obvious, at least for someone that has been here for 6-12 months.

It is also obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is the leading program/education for people looking to learn this online (at least in my opinion).

It is also crutial that you do your training, stay consistent and have some patience (at least in the beginning). Nothing will come by itself just by joining.. You have to put in the work.

But if you are ready to put in the work and change your situation and open up your Eyes to what is really possible online you have absolutely come to the right Place! This is like a libary of knowledge that also is filled with new knowledge all the time as new techniques evolve online on how to make money.

It is simply awesome if you get involved... However, this post is not about the awesome things (even if it would be easier to find those).

What I am after here is (even if it is not easy) to bring up the NOT so possitive things, cause let´s be completely honest and transparent here... Nothing in this world is perfect... right?

Ok, I can start...

1: It is very easy to get caught in the "social life" of WA and spend to much time in the Community interacting with others, getting addicted to the live chat with other members, etc

Even if this also can teach you a lot of course, your main focus should be to follow the step-by-step training in either the certification course, or the bootcamp.

2: Some of the training videos might need a little update,

(for example bing ads training in the bootcamp as bing ad manager looks different now)... Not saying the training doesn´t work anyway, because it does but it would look better)

Ok... That is my main 2 biggest "not so good" things... I am sure you have a few also if you Think about it

Hopefully this post can bring up some things that might be better with this program in the future, it updates and get better all the time so there is probably a good chance that your voice can get heard here... so bring it on!

What do you think is NOT so good about Wealthy Affiliate??

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YinaYon Premium
Hey John its Yina again.

I DEFINITELY agree with you about the videos. Maybe it is because I am so used to youtube vidz getting straight to the point.

I become so frustrated, bored, & impatient about how the information is taught that I will literally walk away from the computer for days on end.

Then I become frustrated with myself for not committing & taking the time out of my day to sit down and finish the video or even the lesson for that matter.

When I come back to the video the not so pretty emotions come out & it almost became an endless cycle.

Like I mentioned in your other post I recently started getting onto the WA more consistently. I pace myself instead of trying to knock out an hours worth of work.

I have not been in college for sometime so I am out of practice of spending long hours in front of the screen.

Sorry kind of just rambled there. Oof and I am little late to the comment section game.

Well if you end up seeing and reading this post I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read and respond.

AfqmBiz Premium
Great post and thanks, my friend :)
Kveitnakk Premium
Hei John,
Harald here, migrant from Norway living in Sweden :-)
I focus on the training, only interact occasionally when something sparks my interest. Time managment is crucial. I have all the time in the world, I usually sit 8-10 hours in front of the computer every day. But still I feel my progress is very slow..
So for the members here who got a family, day job and kids, they really have a challenge ahead of them.
Will be reading more of your blog when time permits.

Take Care
JohnMks Premium
Hej Harald, heja Norge ;)

Yes, it is a slow process, agree on that. That is why it is so important to use the right keywords and also in the right way, also when we start earning it can be wise to invest in new tools and education to help us out saving time and getting better results.

You might be interested in one of my latest reviews about e-mail marketing:

Or this page might be handy aswell:

Hope that helps

/Best regards
vangiemc Premium
HI John, Thanks for the brutal truth of what is working and what is not. The social media aspect of connecting is confusing to me as I imagine that by connecting with other WA members thats you you raise your rank? And if you are just working the business you won't raise your rank? Anyways, right now doing a combo of both.
JohnMks Premium
Yes you raise your rank by interacting in the Community, even asking questions can rise your rank here.

Working on your site won´t rise your rank a lot here no... But what will a high rank here in the community help you achieve is my question?
lynnsam61 Premium
I agree that the social aspect can be a double edged sword. It's so great connecting and learning from such a diverse group BUT it can be a time suck. When i come across a training that seems off I check when it was created and look for newer ones on the same topic.
JohnMks Premium
Yes you are right, great advice!

/Thanks for your comment
ebm47 Premium
John: I started to fall into spending more time reading emails and trying to rank than pay attention to my business. I have stopped trying to rank but offer help when I can and only post when either I have a question or I can help someone else. Many people feel WA is another FB. But there are many people who offer so much to the members of WA i.e Steve, Jay, and Marion, to mention a few. It is great to make friends and learn a little about them but this is a business site. I am sure I will get a lot of grief on this but the great thing about WA is that it is what you want it to be.

JohnMks Premium
Very well said!
Ivine Premium
Hi John, the time spent here in the social environment must be measured with time spent in developing our websites. Irv.
JohnMks Premium
Well said!

/Thanks for your comment
KatyaColvin Premium
Hi, John! I love social aspects in WA but you're right it is so easy to get caught up in it and lose too much time chatting. Just what I'm doing now :-). I still need to find what's not good though...
JohnMks Premium
Yes I know, Think we all get caugt up in this from time to time :) It ain´t Always a bad thing though and this Community would of course not be the same without the social aspect aswell
SweetTLC Premium
Hi John. Honestly, their isn't anything I don't like about WA. I feel like its the opportunity of a life time. Im sure the things that need updated will be, in due time. Thank you for sharing.
Train, Learn, & Create
JohnMks Premium
I absolutely agree that it is an opportunity of the life and that this place is absolutely amazing. I am absolutely not complaining as it has changed my life completely and continues to change peoples lives all the time
amgolf Premium
I love WA. This is share community.
And I learn a lot here.
Thank you.
JohnMks Premium
Love it to man :)
GautamWorld Premium
I agree with your point number 2.
JohnMks Premium
Yeah, apparently there is an request update button on the training now, I didn't know that before
JerryHuang Premium
Everything is changing very fast today so some part of the training will definitely become a bit outdated. But I'm glad that Kyle and Carson have included the "request update" button in all training.
JohnMks Premium
Aha, actually I didn't see that, that is great news! Thank you for letting us know