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Merry X-mas all WA members! Soon it will be a new year! So the best way to make money from home 2016 is? I guess we all agree on that it is right here with WA, right?If you are not a member, I suggest you create a free account in the top right green tab at this page ;o)But my question to all of you is if you have other ways to make some good money online? Maybe there is somethings that are great to combine with WA??What do you all have to say about Traffic Monsoon for example? Have you tried t
We are all here to succed right? Can it be hard not to stay on track? is it good to be cynical?I would say yes sometimes it can be good, but it is also hard to be.. I would also say it can be good to NOT be cynical sometimes...What I mean is that we are all here in this community to make money online, right? Atleast we have some kind of goal and/or success that we aim for... But I think most of us are here because of the big money opportunity this is.So what do I mean with that it is good to be
I guess Zlatan Ibrahimovic shoes size has to be about the same as Michael Jordan (or Steven Segal) cause he is a beast! I love this guy and he just made my night scoring 2 beautiful goals in the playoff for Sweden tonight and took them to Euro 2016. I am so happy I don´t think I ever going to be able to sleep tonight! Haha I know this maybe don´t interest many in this Internet Marketing community but I just had to write this post here cause... Even if you do not enyoy sport it can w
Do you know why it is important to write goals down? When we all started our journey here at WA we was asked to write down our goals, both financial and non financial. Do you remember? Maybe you have just become a member and haven´t wrote down your goals yet... My advice is that you do it because it will help you a lot.But! Do not just write them down and then go on with other things... NO! This is not the proper way and will not help you much.