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The title of this post is Blog in Community, it is also something more. It is a keyword. That is also why I put it in the paragraph Before this sentence. It is not some super good one but pretty decent and Worth putting out on the World wide web (in y opinion)(Above is a screenshoot from jaaxy)Keywords are Amazing and they work wounders! Yes they work here if you blogg to, not only on your website! Your main focus should of course be to blogg on your website/websites but it can really pay of bl
One of the worst feelings in life is the feeling of regret. We often regret things we have done, but most of all we regret the things we didn´t do. What if you started 1 year ago with this, or that...If you are thinking about starting working out for example, there is a big risk you have thought "What if I started working out one year ago" where would I be today?The same probably goes for a lot of members here on WA (people that found it and gave it up because it required some work)What i
I was happy when I checked one of my affiliate accounts today, it turned out to be my record day for best affiliate commissions (2days ago). I had received 506 Euro in a single day, that together with other affiliate accounts I have made me over 600 Euro in that day alone. (Sorry for the small screen shoot)A new record for a single day for me! The best I have made before in one single day is around 350 Euro max.And it is all thanks to WA! This place is where I learned how to do this and it feel
It can sometimes be very easy to not use the time effectivly and sometimes... somethings that should take about an hour to do takes 3. What is your best tips to stay focused on a task?I found myself getting sidetracked from doing what I supposed to do lately. Maybe you have experienced the same problem?I had lost focus... and when I realized it I was a little bit ashamed over myself. How can I be so stupid, that is very important time wasted... I could have done 2 or even 3 things during that t
We all started here at WA to make money right, it is so sad to see how many that quit after only 2-3 months, in most cases just before things starts to happen. This post is about how to increase willpower and motivation. Also, it will present a solution if your reasons to quit got to do with less problematic questions, CASH, or total lack of it...First of all, to even make a single dollar here on WA you are going to need Willpower. IWith that I mean that you have to be determined to work on you
There is real magic in your mind or more correct it is a constant war going on. We all go through this war every day. The war I talk about is the constant struggle between taking the easy route and doing what you know is the right thing to do even though it may be more difficult.WA is a great example, especially for the ones who just start out. Many of you probably got a 9-5 job and make a living getting money in your bank account every month, comfortable right? You know that you hate your job
February 26, 2016
Best investment ONE YEAR. What do I mean with that? Well, it is the absolute best tip I can give to anyone who wants to invest into something. Going for a yearly PREMIUM membership here at WA. Turns out to be less the price than a cup of coffee a day (about $29/month). If any of my friends and family ask me for investment tips, that is the best advice I can give. Invest in yourself buying books is also another one I give when I think about it. Putting money in the bank and expect them to grow n
I got a question for you? The question is how to get comments on your blog? This community contains A LOT of bloggers and website owners to say the least... and MANY VERY successful ones. Many successful businesses have been made here...and MANY MANY more will of course be made here. We are soon a half million members! :) I don´t know how many NEW members join everyday but it has to be A LOT! Also many of you have been here for many years, even from the very beginning in 2005. Damn I wis
What is the best way to work from home? In this GREAT community everybody works from home, right? What are your best way (or ways) to get the work done?I was a complete beginner when I first started learning here at WA (I still feel new) and this HAS TO BE THE BEST PLACE to learn (and earn) if you are a beginner.WA teach us EVERYTHING here, byt some things we have to learn on our own... Like disipline for example. Disipline to work on our "craft" even if the earnings are going up and everything
Merry X-mas all WA members! Soon it will be a new year! So the best way to make money from home 2016 is? I guess we all agree on that it is right here with WA, right?If you are not a member, I suggest you create a free account in the top right green tab at this page ;o)But my question to all of you is if you have other ways to make some good money online? Maybe there is somethings that are great to combine with WA??What do you all have to say about Traffic Monsoon for example? Have you tried t