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Today I just want to share a great (in my opinion) result that I got (while I was asleep). That is the reason for the post name: best affiliate programs high commission.As we are all in this community to make money and the first techniqu we learn to do that is by doing affiliate marketing I feel that many of you probably want to see some "motivation" Hate that word lol! Motivation comes and goes, habits (consistency) over a longer period of time is what will get you there.Ok, I am absolutely NO
Ok, as we are all in this community to make money online I thought I should share a free Instagram followers hack with you all. Instagram is the second biggest social media platform (after Facebook) so it would be wise to take advantage of that for your online business, whatever niche you are in, right? Yes, it would :) Ok, the free hack I want to share is not a "hack" really but more a GREAT tool to use to create posts for instagram. The tool I would want to highlight first is Canva. You can f
This post is named attack on website simply because this is what I have been experienced for the last 2 weeks. We are all in this community to learn how to make money online, right? And if someone crashes a website that we are making passive money from... Then it is not that fun anymore, right?The attack has been on my bootcamp site where I exposing a lot of scams and the reason for the attack is pretty obvious... Some scammer (pretty sure I know who it is) has got pissed off about the things I
February 12, 2017
Let us be totally honest here, what is the real truth of Wealthy Affiliate according to you? We all know it is an awesome platform to learn how to create websites and learning how to make money from them first of all. Then when we have learned the basic we can also learn pretty much anything that has to do with internet marketing.That is obvious, at least for someone that has been here for 6-12 months. It is also obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is the leading program/education for people looking
In this post I will give you an advice on how to get Wealthy Affiliate premium membership for free.Even though I think it is pretty much for free already considering the amount of value it brings to someone who want to learn internet marketing I understand that some people have financial problems and might even struggle to pay for the premium membership.So, this post is for you but also for someone who want to make an extra income here.Ok, here is my advice: WRITE BLOG POSTS IN THE COMMUNITYThe
Do you guys have any new years resolution quotes to share? Would love to hear new ones as I don´t know of many at all. I guess the only one that comes up in my head is that 92% of people fail to reach their new years resolution goals... The one thing in common 100% of them have is that they give up...I am sure many in this community got good quotes to share, this is afterall the biggest and best "make money online" community in the world, right? I never set new years resolution goals... I
This post gonna answer the question why people fail at Internet marketing. This Community teaches that and we are all here to create our own success in the subject, right?A new year is upon us and many of you will make new years resolutions with new goals for the year. According to Forbes Magazine only 8% of people achieve their new years resolution goals. That means 92% DO NOT achieve them...Do you know what 100% of those 92% got in common??They all give up...Can it really be that simple?I hav
Why are we members in this community? Because we want to make money online, right? What does it take to start an online business then? Below I will list the 5 most important things I can think of.Well, to get started it doesn´t take much, it is even free to do so here... but to start making money it takes a little bit more out of you...Ok, first you need some material stuff. The fundamental and ONLY things comming up in my head are:An Internet ConnectionA Computer (OR a phone, ipad, table
We all want to be productive and get things done faster each and everyday, right? I wrote a blog post on one of my websites today with my best advice to be productive and I Think a lot of you guys in this Community would benefit from the tips also. So I just list them real Quick here also:1: Focus on 1 thing at a time2: Create a "to do" list everyday3: If you can pay to save time do it (time is lost forever, money you can make again)4: DO NOT Multitask!5: Turn off your phone while you need to b
November 24, 2016
This short post is mainly for (some of) my referrals but of course to anybody else who are interested in maximizing your odds to success here at WA.It has been made very clear by statistics that people who commit to a year are more likely to succeed and also does at a much higher rate than the ones on the monthly subscription.It ain´t that hard to understand why, it probably has to do with that there is Always an easy "exit route" or like I would like to call it the "give up" route :)Once