My Best Affiliate Commissions $16K+ in 1 day $15K+ the next day

Last Update: Jul 31, 2020

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I have been on the limit many times, making 9k+ commissions, but I didn´t want to write this before I went over 10k from 1 affiliate commission. My best affiliate commission before this one was 9,8K but that is close but no cigar.

Ok, it was a while ago but I told you to write again once I broke 10K from 1 sale in 1 day... I did just the other day, ironically I almost beat that the day after lol.

I do not share this to brag, I actually don´t like to share it at all, but I made the promise in the last post about my best affiliate commission when I wrote about it that time.

Below you can see a screenshot from my 14,3 K commission from one sale (and the other one the day after):


I know the headline say 16k but that is for that day in total, I made sales on other affiliate platforms I am part of and promote, the screensht from above is only from one of the many I am affiliated with.

Don´t hate get inspired instead!

I hope this inspire you, because I know everything is relative, this is nothing to affiliates who have been in this game for a long time but if you would have told me 5 years ago when I was a newbie that I would make more money in 2 days from affiliate mrketing than most people make in 1 year from a regular 9-5 I almost wouldn´t have believed it.

Please, if you get inspired by this then leave a like and a comment below!

How I managed to learn affiliate marketing?

As mentioned above, I do not like to share this stuff but I made a promise.

A promise is a promise... never forget that the most important person to keep a promise to is yourself, because how are you going to be able to keep promises to anyone else if you can´t even keep them to yourself, right? That mindset is what made me succed here at Wealthy Affiliate (the platform you are currently on).

It all started right here on this place for me, and I have this platform and the owners to thank for learning a skill that makes me money while I sleep, literally.

Fun note: Those 2 commissions was made while I was on an afterparty lol and the other one while I was having dinner out with a friend the day before.

Passive income, that was what I was looking for when I started out here and that was what I promised myself to achieve... or die trying.

I achieved it, and as English is not my mother language and both my spelling and grammar is not very good at all... I never finished school with impressive grades at all... What I mean is, if I can do this you can do it to.

For me it came down to mindset... To keep the promise I made to myself no matter what that evil voice in my head was telling me... Because it told me to give up many times, that I was stupid, etc... but I refused to listen and instead keep the promise I made to myself.

Mindset is not something you are born with, it is something you learn... IF you want.

Ok, no more promises of this kind of best affiliate commissions in 1 day records now, this is the last one you get from me.

Please comment your thoughts below on this!

Much love


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Hi! thats amazing story :) Im a really impress and if Im reading more success stories Im more motivated to do more and so glad that I found this platform .
Can you please tell which affiliate program you promote? and how did you find the affiliate how long it takes you to do it? and if you start immediately ? :O :) what was your why?
Im sorry to asking you a lot but it makes me then more to believe it more and believe in me more
Im so proud of people who takes action and make them dreams come true its amazing!!

In the first instance, I'd follow up on the training step by step how to to about building a blog around a focused niche site getting it ready with content and TRAFFIC to start applying for programs.

For the first seven days you can test drive the Wealthy Affiliate platform limited premium access to see if it fits with your business needs and objectives.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform that teaches us how to build a progressive successful site for affiliate marketing.

Ticking checklists bottom of lessons, tasks and activities asked of you to complete in order to set up properly and guide you through the process.

You may start here

Please follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons at the Wealthy Affiliate. How to make money by Kyle

Hey, great post, awesome achievement, I can't believe my eyes, $14GRAND!!!! That is huge, on one spinner!!!!

Hey, on the same note, can you share what program you're using to create screenshots? I notice the arrows you have in your pic above and have no idea what program/tool that is and would really benefit being able to use it as well.

Once again, congrats!

Hi, we use Lightshot. There's also Greenshot.

Ok, great, thanks!

Hi, again, is there much difference between these two programs, would you say? and if so, what are they?



Hi John, this is indeed inspiring. I am sure you have and continue to work very hard at your online business. You earned this.

Perhaps sometime you can provide some examples of lessons learned. Like what not to do and where to ficus ones time on. I think I have a good idea but getting validation always helps.



Thank you Edwin, well, I do have periods of hard work, noadays I try to outsource as much as possible though so the hardest work is already done to be honest... But yes, it was a few years of really hard work indeed.


Hi John, nice to meet you. It’s a real inspiration and everyone here in WA needs a lot of this dose. Everyone needs proof that WA works and online business really thrives. Articles such as yours truly are evidence of the fact that people can have full time business online and that it’s a real path to financial freedom!! Thanks for taking the time to write this down with proof!! It takes a lot to share your results ...

Thank you man!

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