Best Affiliate Commissions - A New Record!

Last Update: Apr 13, 2017


I was happy when I checked one of my affiliate accounts today, it turned out to be my record day for best affiliate commissions (2days ago). I had received 506 Euro in a single day, that together with other affiliate accounts I have made me over 600 Euro in that day alone.

(Sorry for the small screen shoot)

A new record for a single day for me! The best I have made before in one single day is around 350 Euro max.

And it is all thanks to WA!

This place is where I learned how to do this and it feels crazy that something that felt so hard when I started out is so "easy" now and make so much sense. I mean this money just came to me on auto-pilot because of something I wrote back in Januari :)

That is awesome!

The problem now is to get the time to realize all the ideas that the online world (with endless opportunities) offers :)

To all of you who just have started out and are in your first couple of months here on WA, DO NOT give up!!

Staying consistent and having patience is your key to get where you want!

If you got those 2 nothing can stop you!

The only one who can stop you is YOU.

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Great news John! Good work!

Thank you!

Wow that's fantastic John, well done!

Thank you!

Congrats, and keep up the good work

Thank you!

Thank u John and thank u for having ambition :)

Thanks ambition man :)

/Keep it up!

Hi John, thank you for sharing your continued success. It's very encouraging and inspiring!

Thank you Tanya make me very glad to hear that :)

So pleasing John, you will be stoked. So good to read about success.

Lol! Thank you

Thanks John - VERY WISE COUNSEL ! (with proof attached)


Well done John I am really happy for you and can't wait to publish stories like this!

Thank you and you will!

Good work John!

Thank you Jason!

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