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Last Update: Jan 29, 2019

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The journey continues... Hey there guys, just wanted to make this quick blog post as the last one got so much positive feedback. Hopefully, this one will work as inspiration as well for newbies, and for those still struggeling to make their firs sales, or to make consistent sales.

For those of you who are about to give up, and for those of you who think you will never make it...

I remember how it was in the beginning... It actually took me 7 months before I made any money at all when I first started out here...

Anyway... I promised you to make a new one when I broke my previous record, and to be honest... this is actually not a record breaker, as it is from 2 commissions combined, however, for the fun of it we can call it the record breaker ;o) As they came on the same day :o)

So, below you got them:

Worth to mention is that today I have made 2 reccurring monthly sales from WA so that is an additional $47 plus I have made $37 + $29 from to other affiliate sources so the total amount for today is close to $4,000...

Of course, every day is not like this... yet ;o)

However, just wanted to share this with you in this community and also, more importantly thank the owners of this great platform who have created this online entrepreneur community, that made this possible, if I didn´t find this community some years back, making money online would (most likely) still be only a dream for me.

The journey continues...

Thank you guys! (From snowy Sweden)

Please, tell me if you find this inspiring in the comment section below! Would love to hear from you!


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Your achievement is both encouraging and inspiring! I’m at my 2 month mark and still working on getting traffic...wishing you continued success!
Cheers, Eliza

Oh man its inspiring article for sure ,
congratultions bro.

This is inspiring indeed John. Thanks for sharing. And I'd take that kind of earning in one day anytime. :)

Thank you! Love to hear that it inspires you!

/Stay consistent!

Well done John and yes hopefully this should give many an added encouragement to not give up and to just keep going forward

Thank you for the post


Thank you Andre, I really hope so too :o)

You are welcome John have a great 2019 and beyond


WOW! Those are amazing results. Congrats! Thanks for sharing, really appreciate it!

Thank you :o) Happy you liked it :o)

It's really great and encouraging. A salute from neighboring Latvia, snowy as well.

Thank you! Aah hii Latvia! Nice, hopefully, it's not that cold ;o)

This is great inspiration from a successful affiliate.

Thank you, makes me very happy to hear you find it inspiring.


I want to see just a half of it.

Great stuff and well deserved. WA program works

Thank you, ohh yes :o)

Thanks for sharing, John. That is great!!! It is snowing here in the state of Maryland in the United States.

Thank you brother!

Haha seems like its snowing all around the world :o)

Except for down in Florida.

Nice work my friend!

Thank you brother!

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