How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic

Last Update: March 09, 2019

So you've created your blog and are working hard on creating new content. How is your traffic going? Are your new posts "hitting the mark" and bringing you more traffic?
What about your existing and older posts? What's happening with them?

Instead of creating more and more content which can be hit or miss, why not update your existing content?

But, there's a small "problem"....As your site grows, how do you even know what is happening with your old content, is it still bringing you traffic? or is it sliding down the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)?

So, I've decided to create this short video tutorial where I will show you how easy is to revive your older posts by using data straight from Google to improve your existing posts and bring you more traffic.


Here it is:

How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic

Enjoy it!

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slaur0 Premium
Thanks for the video, it's much appreciated
DaveAsprey Premium
Thanks for the share John
It's always a great idea to polish up the older posts. Hope you have a wonderful day
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Cheers Dave, I polished up a post the post in the video that was already doing well its ranking for more keywords and higher ranking for some existing keywords. A lot less work that creating a brand new post from scratch to publishing and all the work in between. Thanks and have a great weekend!
MElumir Premium
Thank you for this information sir. This will help my older post that was not seen by google.
JohnJStanley Premium Plus
Thank you, I recommend starting with the posts that ARE getting seen by Google, so start with your better posts (as per the video) and they'll do even better. You'll get less return for effort from middle of the road posts. This is where you use Google Search Console which is the very data Google provides to your advantage.