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Last Update: Sep 10, 2019

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How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic

I did a training about this easy SEO tactic a couple of days ago:

How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic...

This easy SEO tactic really works! The post that I show in this example was my top ranking post (long form content) and getting a lot of impressions on Google Search Console. I knew I could do more with it but as I was learning and trying to make more content...I didn't know how. As I've progressed throught the awesome training here on Wealthy Affiliate and some research. I came across this easy method of giving more to Google to what Google already recognizes.

I added some more keywords from Google Search Console keyword suggestions in the right context and maintaining the flow of the article (check out the training)
It is now ranked page 1 on Google (it was already page 1 of Yahoo) after implementing this simple method last week!

Of course I used Jaaxy and my keyword list to keep track of those new keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Ranking

OK so this keyword is long tail (6 words) that might be used for what people are actually searching for. Its one of many in this particular post.

I had long wondered why my posts were doing well on Bing and Yahoo but not well on Google. One of the things that i've learned recently is new sites are in the "google sandbox" for a while. However you can get yourself out of that sandbox if you could get ranked for a long tail keyword with little or no competition.

Even more potential

I didn't cover this in this training yet nor in improving my post, but by including more long tail phrases (again Jaaxy) for those search terms that you are already getting rankings for (Google Search Console - Impressions) and making your content even more thorough around those long tail phrases can bring even more traffic. So there's even more potential for this post and others.

Meaning, I can add loads more long tail phrases and rank this even better for more keywords.

But for now, just by implementing this training and not much effort....

And there it was. Page 1 Position 1 on Yahoo and Bing. Great. But on Google...

Google Page 1 Position 1

And yes, Google shows the exact same result (Jaaxy is accurate yet again). Wow, the trifecta! Position 1 on all 3!

This has delivered a big big confidence boost to me, but I would also hope to any Wealthy Affilaite member who's struggling with working hard but not getting any joy from Google.

Are you improving your existing content? making your good content even better?

Update 9th June 2019:

This post is now ranked page 1 position 1 for 3 search phrases and on page 1 for 3 others. It is bringing me TONS of traffic and also business income and interest, particilarly in the last month. I'm delighted!!
Now I see the benefits of free, organic traffic

Update 10th September 2019:

I now have 3 search phrases on Google Position 1 on Page 1, but more importantly some recent articles to go back into Google Search Console (per my training) and optimise.

Some of these are ranked position #5 or #6 on my first writing so that's great. Applying the on-page and off-page SEO methods we are all taught here on Wealthy Affiliate.

But I have 9 more search phrases in the top 50 which is great. So after 3-6 months letting Google "marinate" them, it's exciting that by applying this training, I can get many many more search phrases on page 1 of Google.

How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic...

And TONS more traffic......Happy days!

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Congratulations on your success.

Thanks Raquel, I checked SiteRank the other day in Jaaxy and that same post is now ranked google #1 for 2 search terms and also on google page 1 for another 2 search terms, so that's 4 search terms that I'm now on page 1 of google for. The post was only on Google page 1 for 1 search term before I implemented this stategy/improvement: So I learned to make good content, then give more to Google to what Google already recognizes AND improve the content. it's very exciting, can do this for all our better performing posts

Thanks for sharing.

Awesome tip John... Kudos!

Thank you Tony, lets both implement next post :)

Congratulations John!
Keep up the good work!
I'll go do some content improvements!

Thanks Juliet, that's great - happy improvements
i'm onto a low hanging fruit keyword post now. And have loads of content improvement ideas too :)

Great information - very useful!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Wish you great success!


Thanks Bob, i'm glad you found this useful.
Onwards and upwards! Cheers John

Well done John Keep going forward you are doing great

Thank you!

Most welcome John enjoy

Awesome John, love the look of that graph! That is awesome, keep up the great work!

Thanks coach Kyle. What I didn't mention is the graph dipped because of some broken links (an assessment tool was decommissioned by the owners and I had it throughout post & comments) so I suspect that's why I dipped to 5th after being around #3 for a long time. So i remedied this and revitalised the post. Can't wait to learn more from Jay on GSC soon.
So much more to to day job now...

Jaaxy Need to have a little jingle. or slogan, Some like Jaaxy gots your back, see.

Congratulations John. I just watched your video and going to take the advice on board by updating my original content.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

Awesome! wishing you success with upgrading your content. Great to take some before and after shots of GSC or graph etc

Excellent! Congratulation!

Thank you for sharing John and best wishes.

Wow,U did it...Keep on moving to the way of success.
God bless U ,Thanks for sharing.

WoW, that's fantastic news congratulations!

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