Wealthy Affiliate Works - If you Commit!

Last Update: March 05, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Works...If you Commit!

One of the most common questions any WA member will get asked is "Does this Actually Work?"

Affiliate Marketing allows us to build an online business in whatever niche we want, making it a great choice, as you already know your subject or are at least interested enough to learn everything there is about your chosen niche and Wealthy Affiliate offers all the tools, resources and (more importantly) moral support you will need to get started and build something that will stand the test of time and allow you to find financial freedom in the long run.

Perception of the Time & Effort Needed...

But, as a new member it can seem a very long way off, or that it will never come and that is oftern because of our perception of making money onilne has been drawn from these types of products below:

  • Get Rich Quick
  • Only Need to Put in 20 Minutes a Day
  • Leave it on Auto-Pilot
  • Sit by a Pool and Watch the Money roll in

These types of products are everywhere online, and after reviewing a number of them - the sales techniques they use lead many people to believe all of these are possible.

But I have yet to find one that lives up to all the fake promises they make, and yet I still see many new members asking in the live chat "how long until I make money?"

These scam products or low quality affiliate marketing ripoffs, lead to people believing anything can be a quick win, they don't need to put any effort in to earn money online. This is just not true, it takes hard work and commitment to see it through to the point where you are earning money regularly through it.

Another factor that gets in the way, is our perception of how we earn money in our normal job against an online business. In your day job, you will complete an hour's worth of work and get paid for that hour.

That is not the case with an online business, you are working hard without a return (initially?) That is not how an entrepreneur thinks or works and that is the mindset you need to get into.

When starting out with your online business within Wealthy Affiliate, you are putting down the foundations of something amazing, but if you are expecting this to earn you a return within a couple of weeks or months then there are only a couple of options you have:

  1. Commit to Putting in All the Time and Effort you Can Until it Does Start Giving you a Return
  2. Log out and continue on with your day job and give up on your dreams of having your own Online Business and Financial Freedom.

I don't write these things to put you off, but the biggest hurdle you will have to overcome is your mindset and timeframes.

Kyle & Carson have built an awesome training platform that gives you all the tools, knowledge and support you need - But that is only half of what it takes to succeed. You need to commit to following the training (to the letter), work your ass off to add content, connect on social media and lose a little sleep to get to that tipping point.

But another thing that I feel is very important is "to be accepting of failure". My first niche website didn't work out the way I thought it was, and ended up being not great but the lessons I learned from that failed website more than made up for it with my current website.

But, when I commited to launching a second project, it took half the time to set everything up because I knew what I as doing. My writing was much better as I was coming from a place of experience.

By experiencing those little failures or mistakes and chasing a few shiny objects - which i have done in the past I have become a more experienced Affiliate Marketer and this is definitely showing in my current project.

Where I have followed the training properly and not moved on until I have completed the tasks Kyle sets out and fully understanding the principles too.


This is the one that we all need to get our head around. Everyone tells you it takes time, but how long?

It is not a question that can be answered easily, as we are all going to progress at different timeframes. I started WA with a full time job, and still have that full time job. I have a family at home to look after and other things to get done. I spend many late evenings gett stuff done and it is never enough to achieve what I had set out.

There are those that can only spend an hour a week on their online business - whatever time you can spend on your business should help you set realistic goals when it comes to timeframes and timescales.

But if I take my current project as an example. I started it in 04 September 2018, so it is 6 months old yesterday.

I have 94 posts on it, 1573 comments on it (thanks to WA SiteComments).

I have a number of Posts on the First Page of Google, and have started getting organic traffic.

This website has generated about 5 Starter Member referrals and 1 Premium Member Referral

But, in reality it is still new. It is only getting a handful of organic visitors but this is slowly increasing.

The time I have put into it, I have commited to putting in an hour every evening and I have focused more on building out content (researching products and the niche, keyword research and writing content) then I have in spending time on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, and I enjoy browsing through members blogs and sharing experiences but for the last couple of weeks I have parked that to an extent and focused on writing content for my online business.

My reasoning is this, ok my WA member rank has dropped from the top 100 to about 356 (at the time of writing this). But if I can build this website up to a point where it is earning enough - I will have time to spend doing both: Writing Content for my blog and engaging in Wealthy Affiliate. There needs to be a balance, especially when your time is limited as mine is. I also see many spending hours on WA like chasing credits in SiteComments, when the real way of earning money is by building up your business - that takes regular content on your blog!

Tips for New Members

Look I am not earning a full time income from Affiliate Marketing yet, so why would you listen to me. Well, maybe you won't but if I am starting to see results with my second project (as my first one did not work out) then if you can learn from my mistakes and that means your first project works out then I have helped you and saved you time and money. That is the way I look at it.

  • It goes without saying, Go through the Training. But if I did my time again, I would read through the training without following the tasks, Kyle sets at the end of each lesson. I would read through and fully understand the concepts, and possibly expand my research on each point to ensure I understood it. There is no rush, as if you get it right the first time it will benefit you massively in the long run. Then, when I felt happy I would go back through the training and complete each step kyle sets you.
  • Do not Skip Ahead. It is easy to thing, I'll come back that bit and then never do. You start to wonder why things aren't working and then you realise you have made a fundemental mistake and that is why your website is not ranking (true story). There is a reason why Kyle has not included some bits in his training, and why he has set it out in the way it is to ensure you get the best start you could ask for.
  • Avoid the Shiny Objects. The training is set out expertly to ensure you have a strong foundation to your business, but shiny objects can and will lead you down the wrong path and it could take a lot of time to get back on track.
  • Use the Live Search Tool: I am not adverse to answering anyones questions, far from it. But there is always a time delay from asking a question in the community and getting the answer to it. But I often put a question in the live search bar at the top of your screen and find there are plenty of blogs or answers to questions come up in the results. With limited time, you want to get quick results. Someone else is thinking the question and already has the answer to it. If it does not answer your specific question - you can add a question to the community or use Live Chat.
  • Set Daily, Weekly & Monthly Goals: I know we all have the end goal of having an online business that earns enough for us to work from home and expand. But that doesn't help you in the early stages. Set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals to do with:
    • Learning (Completing lesson from the Online Entrepreneur Course)
    • Task (an hour Keyword Research, an hour Niche Research, an hour Writing Content, an hour admin)
    • Review (We always miss this, as we learn I find our writing gets better so go and review your early content and update it - Google loves it when you update your existing content)
  • Have Realistic Expectations: When I made my first sale, it was a great feeling but it took 6 months. If you can afford to put 40 hours into your online business it may be more realistic to make that earlier. But either way, the more time and effort put into your business (the right way) will lead to success. But do not keep checking Analytics, etc everyday. check it once a month maybe to start out. But remember you need organic traffic and typically a lot of it to start getting conversions. Focus on your training and your content, and you might get sales earlier than six months.
  • Quality over Quantity: If you have a restricted time to work on your website, focus on one detailed post rather than writing 3 shorter, less detailed posts. Remember you are trying to help someone with your content and the more detailed you are the better someone will find it, if they like it and feel like you have answered all of their questions. That is when the trust is earned and will lead to conversions.

I am not an expert, that is the tag for Kyle and Carson, but if anything I have written today helps you feel like you are not on you own and there is a way forward then i feel privileged to have helped you. If you are an experience WA member, what other tips would you throw into the mix for new members. I would love to hear them and share them with people who are questioning themselves at the moment.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is a great supportive network, which I think sets them aside from other such platforms. Where else can you directly chat with the owners? It offers everything you need to succeed, you just need to commit to putting the time and effort into achieving your goals!

Are you committed to Seeing it Through?

If you are ready to commit to spending time and effort into building an online business, you are in the right place. Follow the training, constantly ask questions and build up your business.

I know it has been a long post, but I do appreciate you time. If you have any questions or want to share your tips for people just starting out, let me know in the comments. Have you been through failure and come out the other side? Let me know how you got back on track.

All the Best to Everyone


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Thanks for taking the time to share!
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Hi John,
Really enjoyed reading your post. As a newbie myself, it's reassuring to read what I keep telling myself, should be the case. I am a lover of the 'long game' and this is about that. I have no expectations that are going to lead me astray. In fact, the more I learn on here the more excited I am about going back to my earlier posts and seeing where I can improve.
Thanks for all your tips and wise words.
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It is definitely all about the long game, I found when going back to my early posts I realised how far I had come, and that my early posts definitely needed reviewing.
Glad you found the post useful!
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Most definitely did. Thanks again.
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