Super Affiliate Challenge Update - Starting to See Some Progress

Last Update: January 14, 2019

So, i have just entered my fourth month with my website for the super affiliate challenge.

I have learned so much and feel like this will be the blog that sets me up for the big time!

I have followed the training properly and followed all the steps. That might sound like "why, didn't you do that the first time around???"

But it is easy to say that, but I have known many that have followed the shiny objects or not properly read through the steps and have missed key steps out.

The training will never be the problem, it will be your interpretation of it that will set you up to fail.

Anyways, I have reached month four and have achieved most of my daily and weekly goals which I feel really happy about.

I am starting to get organic traffic to my website, Instagram is paying dividends with posting on there regularly as well as twitter.

I can start to see it all coming together!!

I feel a purpose with this site and have now set myself the goal of posting as often as I can, other commitments permitting. But if I can get out 4-5 posts a week I will be happy and we will see where we are in a couple of months time.

My advice to anyone new to Wealthy Affiliate or struggling with their online business is have faith in the training here. But I stress, read it then re-read it and make sure you follow the experts advice. Kyle and Carson have set out great training, but miss a step and you will feel like you are swimming upstream.

Tell yourself "2019 Will Be Your Year!" then go out and achieve your daily and weekly goals and keep chasing until you reach them.

All the Best


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mbouteiller Premium
Hey John,

That's wonderful to hear the Super Affiliate is going well .. I'm very happy for you! Thank you for sharing..

Thanks for the tip.

Keep up with the good hard work and I look forward to hearing of your progress in the next few months.


JohnCrossley Premium
Thanks Monica
SondraM Premium
John, thank for the update and the reminder.

I too am working towards trying to get out at least 4-5 quality blogs each week.

Best wishes for much success this year.
JohnCrossley Premium
I just need to dial up the content, google
Loves content!

All the best

MiaL Premium
Well said John and all the best!
JohnCrossley Premium
Thank you,

Best wishes

Blessedalso2 Premium
Well said, John!

I agree with you 100%!

I'm telling myself "2019 will be my year!"

Now I am setting out to achieve it!

All the best,

JohnCrossley Premium
Go get it Diane, I wish you all the best

Funder Premium
Awesome post, just loved simplicity always wins, Congratulations with your success business online
JohnCrossley Premium
thank you, it is getting there. But celebrating small successes and building on them will lead to bigger successes!