Super Affiliate Challenge Update - Making Progress

Last Update: January 30, 2019

I want to provide myself an update on where I am within the Super Affiliate Challenge, this will benchmark my progress.

I am coming to the end of month four, and feel like I have made strides in building the foundation of my online business.

This is where I am at, with my website. I am pretty chuffed with my progress, considering I still have a full-time job and family to cater for.

Website - I have 77 posts and over 1200 comments (thanks to WA).

I have focused a lot of a mixture of posts related to affiliate marketing and product reviews. Not seeing much organic traffic yet, but it is starting to seep through.

I am trying to target 3-4 posts a week. Finding this tough at times, but trying to stockpile posts when I do get some time to write them.

Social Media - I have been posting everything to social media and using a tool called Crowdfire to automate part of this, with some great results.

Instagram and Facebook are starting to translate into traffic to my website.

Learning - I have the lessons that Kyle has provided in the Super Affiliate Challenge, which I am progressing at a steady pace and I love watching Jay's weekly webinars. I have to watch them on delay due to the time difference, but still learn something every time.

I know I am building this for the long run, and am believing that this website will be a true player at there in a years time.

Good luck to everyone taking their first steps, and those that feel like they are hitting a brick wall - remember patience is the biggest barrier we will have to making this work.


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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, John.
JohnCrossley Premium
AlenkaV Premium
Fantastic progress!
Congratulations on your hard work and perseverance.
JohnCrossley Premium
Thanks Alenka
Pastordna Premium
Thanks John for shearing John. There is much to learn from your end ours. Cheers.
JohnCrossley Premium
Ahimbe Premium
I am impressed by your speed of content production given your tight schedule. Let me style up a little. You have inspired me.
JohnCrossley Premium
it takes a lot of planning, but I manage to somehow get there
dirtdevil Premium
Sounds like your at it alright...just keep the wind in the sales and stay the course...patience, I'm sure all of us could use more of that! Keep it going!
JohnCrossley Premium
thank you