Is Blogging Hard? It is Just a Way of Communicating!

Last Update: March 24, 2019

Many people think the question "Is Blogging Hard?" I sometimes wonder whether we conjure up an image in our minds that it means we will be shackled to the laptop all the time or that you cannot write well so Blogging isn't for you...

But that is simply not the case - Blogging is simply a way of communicating!

Whether you are helping others, providing support to others or teaching people something the way we do it is communicating. Maybe the only difference is the way we do it.

Last Night Got Me Thinking...

My wife runs a wedding business and as part of that business, we have a Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

Last night we were attending a wedding reception with the Mirror, but I had to think fast as the most of the guests were either deaf or hard of hearing.

Well, do you think it affected how we communicated with the guests to make sure they got the same benefit from the Photo Booth...?

I would so, the only difference was we had to think about it and:

Clear & Concise in what we said (so they could lip read)

Patient - Especially with the kids

They deserved the best service they could get and I needed to make sure they felt included in the fun that the Photo Booth brings.

If we go back to blogging for a minute, I think that is the perfect analogy for when starting out.

You are going to have to work a little harder, but you are not writing a book report or an essay ready for a professor to mark off.

Write to One Person, Not Thousands

You are writing a blog as they though you were talking to one person. Each person I helped last night with the mirror, got my full attention and they really appreciated that I was doing that.

You overcomplicate blogging when you think you are writing for 100's of people or you worry about your spelling or grammar (that is what a spell check is for). You don't need to overcomplicate communication or blogging - Last night at times it was as simple as knowing the sign language for "thank you" and "you're welcome".

Blogging is about make it conversational, well if you think about when you are communicating to loads of people at a time, it is typically a conference. Not very conversational! But if you were chatting to a mate, that is as simple as it can be when writing in your blog.

We need to get to know you as you write, that is the best part about reading other peoples blogs.

You will Need to Learn a Few Things

There are a few things that you will need to learn that can also put some people off, getting started with blogging. Like how to set up a website, or elements of social media.

But again, all of that does not have to be different. With the training and tools available at a platform like Wealthy Affiliate, you have everything that you would need to get started with a blog.

All you need to bring to the mix is a bit of patience. This will not be a quick way of earning money, and there will be a lot to learn and put into motion.

The other thing you need to ensure you do when you get started with writing your first piece of content is: Making sure it is relevant, clear and concise to ensure you are helping the one person you are targetting to help achieve that for that one keyword.

If that one article helps one person, it can help anyone who is looking for help with that one article.

We communicate everyday, whether it be on social media, on the phone or in person and I have not seen anything that shows me it is any different to blogging.

Ok, it is on a website and in a way it is not always 2-way. But, as soon as you start getting comments on your blog asking for help or advice. That is when you soon realise the potential of a blog. The advice within Wealthy Affiliate is to help via a blog, and that is so important.

Are You Still Unsure About Blogging?

Some of you may still be unsure about blogging, I did too at first.

You maybe a starter member, wondering if you can break into Affiliate Marketing with a blog.

You may have landed on this post and wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is and what does it provide??

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing go together so well, and are a great combination for you to start earning money online.

But you need to learn quite a bit to get to that point, but that training does not have to be stressful, you just need the right training.

It is here within WA. The Online Entrepreneur Certification has helped people achieve their goal of earning a full-time wage from home via blogging.

I would also say most of them came to WA, without any prior knowledge of affiliate marketing, or blogging or how to make money online.

A great deal of them would also bring worries about blogging, and whether their writing was up to it and they are currently here within WA, learning and earning via a blog because of the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you are in the best place to get help, support and guidance to getting your online business up and running and blogging your way to success.

If you haven't signed up for a free starter membership, then you have nothing to lose but to sign up, go through the training and see where it takes you.

There is nothing stopping you, other than your own doubts. But with such a supportive community behind you, you will always find help when you need it to push on through.

If you have any questions, please write them in the comments I will get back and answer you as soon as I can.

If you are reading this and are already a member of WA, what were your initial doubts about blogging or affiliate marketing and how did WA help you get on track??

I would love to hear your story.

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accad Premium
If you write freely of any topic it would be easy to blog because you are not forced to discuss a certain topic which you are not knowledgeable.
The difficulty in blogging is if you have chosen a niche where you really do not enjoy to write on, or if you've just chosen it because you think it's profitable but you don't have the knowledge about it.

In my situation, I created and created a website because I thought it's a good title and it's a niche until I find myself groping in the dark what to write. I bought that domain and it will just be wasted for a year after year.
JohnCrossley Premium
Hey Jimmy,

you bring up some great points. Blogging is definitely easier if you like what you are talking or writing about. I would never advise choosing a niche because you think it is profitable, because it will only be profitable if you are able to write content about it.

Choosing a niche, because you enjoy it and want to engage in it, is a much better option.

thanks for sharing your experiences,

accad Premium
You are welcome John.
JMatonge1 Premium
Hey John,
Thank you for encouraging us to go on blogging.
JohnCrossley Premium
Thanks Joseph, I hope it does encourage and motivate people who may be struggling with blogging.

sminman7 Premium
A great post! Thank you for sharing!
JohnCrossley Premium
thank you
LKick Premium
A great blog post! Many people of a younger generation converse in a different manner than I learned. Texting, social media, etc. all good. I believe you made a good point when you said to blog to just one person. I like that. Linda
JohnCrossley Premium
Hi Linda, the changes that have been made in the last 20 years have meant things like social media and the like is the way of communication to many. Younger people will find blogging much easier to relate to, as it involves social media so much.
I think it is a really important point to remember who you are helping in your blog. If you start too broad, it can get lost so easily.
Thanks for dropping by, appreciate it