Be Mindful of Image Sizes.

Last Update: January 17, 2019

I have been working away at creating content for my site like many of you will be, but when I inspected one of my reviews I noticed it had an AMP issue.

When I check into it, it was an image being smaller than recommended. Well, it turns out it can affect your rankings too.

I tend to screenshot a logo for use next to the name of the product, but that screenshot was too small for AMP to work properly.

Just thought I would share the experience, I need to know go back and review all my product reviews and sort the image out...

Anyone else had this??



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LauraFuller Premium
I just spent 3 days resizing all of my images to match the sizes in my settings. I hope it makes a difference.

JohnCrossley Premium
Here's hoping for you!

SnazzyIT Premium
Thanks for this info, I will go check all mine too :)