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I'm very excited that I now have my first Affiliate program! I won't reveal the identity cuz ... it's a secret!But here are some hints ... it's smaller than an elephant and it does not use diesel fuel either. Haa!Still need another hints?It comes in many colors but it's not a daubloon from a Mardi Gras parade. Do you still need more hints?OK another hint ... sometimes in sounds like the wind ...and sometimes it explodes in your face!Well, if you still can't figure it out you'll just have to go
Near Death Experience (NDE) - Beyond and Back!Most of us fear death! We all expect to experience our own mortality at some distant point in the future. For some of us, we have already tasted the feeling ... the sounds ... and the sensations of, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door!"Previously, I shared portions of my own NDE ... but I'd like to formally invite any of you to share parts of your own story with us.Some questions that people may be asking:Did you see demons?Did you see angels?Did you feel fe
On the mountain top - at the Source! Hey guys ... John here ... it's 3:33 in the morning and I'm feeling inspired. Yes, it's a good morning!We all can recall times when we felt as if we were "On the mountain top." With clear vision, we could see for miles outward to the horizon. The vista was breathtaking ... you marveled at the beauty ... an overwhelming sense of gratitude then coursed through your heart ... and you felt as you were in the presence of God (or Source). You felt as if you we
Feeling real fine about my 909!I am feeling overwhelming gratitude this morning and I just need to share it with everyone! I am grateful for the WA community where my thoughts really mater. It's been a long time since I felt like a helpful contributor to my own well-being and to my childrens loves. My twin daughters, now 18, have never known me as a vibrant, happy, productive bread-winner. The journey with brain injury certainly challenged my self-esteem, but I'm coming back ... and once aga
Can't find true love ... maybe you have a Kink-in-your Think!On the topic of failure, Thomas Edison quoted, "I have not failed ... I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work!"That kind-of sounds like me with two failed marriage relationships. Perhaps I will be inspired to take another plunge one day ... but before that ... wouldn't it be great to find that perfect Soul-mate? Wouldn't it be great to take a "Free Love Test" to see how to avoid the obstacles that prevent the free discover of the
In the Now!Hey guys ... I'm back in the present and very excited to share some reflections looking back along with great expectations for our prosperous future! After-all, we are on this journey together.Back in the day, I lived and worked in San Francisco, CA as a young engineer. I was very happy and experienced excitement and prosperity during that time. I experienced great joy and the heartbreak of divorce which knocked my feet out from under me.Looking back and reflecting with more persp
Let there be LightThe image above is that of a pair of human hands as pictured with Kirlian Photography. The image is the outflow of electrical Coronal discharge emitted from the hands. The human body emits a constant flow of energy (our Aura!) that can be measured to exist some 3 meters outwardly from the body. This aura probably extends outwardly to infinity ... but that just my opinion. In the real-time Kirlian video images you can watch the colors and intensities actually change as a fun
December 29, 2019
We each create what we believe! There was a period in my life when I was totally paralyzed and I could not move anything other that my eyes. While lying in the hospital bed I looked up at the ceiling and pondered many questions. In time, I learned that my particular injury was to the left-side of my head which had resulted in the right-side of each eye being totally blind. As I reflect now on my life, I am truly amazed at the progress that I have made during the last 17 years. I am continuing
Chicken or the Egg - What's in your Gizzard?We all want more joy in life ... so how do we actually create it? In short, we are constantly creating our own set of life-experiences in direct response to our predominate heart-felt emotions. Great spiritual teachers .... and the science of quantum physics .... both speak the emphatic truths that we each produce a colorful out flowing display of Rainbow Emotions!So what's the color of your Rainbow ....Color is light .... light is energy ..... theref
December 25, 2019
It's the afternoon of Christmas day ... some reflections!Hey you guys ... we all are experiencing so happy joyful thought today ... but we may have some regrets too. Let's choose to count it all as goon!Whatever feedback that you may have received from family and/or friends ... go with it good and consider it as good.By focusing on the awesomeness .... more awesomeness will come to you too!Stay tuned ... you are the energy boomerangs right along-side with me.I'm learning to love myself and you