Training that works!

Last Update: September 30, 2018

Watched training, understood keywords, opened template....1000 words??? I am a writer, but after my first attempt of picking subtopics and populating the post minus the conclusion, I was only at 600 words! Man, time to work through it again.

Well guess what? I tweaked, added, thought about the training, thought about keywords, and bam! 1033 words and now the post is live! I can't wait to add photos and start finding affiliate links, but I am diligently following the training--in order--so I know that will come in time.

One great thing about forcing myself to do the training--in order--is that coming back and making time to work on it each day is even more rewarding! I'm not really looking ahead, so it's always, "I wonder what I'll add today" and I trust that very soon I will have what I am waiting for.

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EandS2018 Premium

How exciting and good for you, 1033 words is awesome !
Keep on keeping on!