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February 24, 2015
A ‘Zone’ is not only a place to be in. It can be represented by colored shapes on paper maps. The colors, which represent terrain features, are overprinted with lines called ‘grid’ lines that are mathematically calibrated to give specific titles to random points on the surface of the planet. This is, in effect, an ‘attempt’ to impose order on chaos. There are many types of ‘Zones.’ There are loading zones, parking zones, no parking zones, restricted zones, designated zones, peac
February 09, 2015
A friend told me this story years ago. When his two sons were very young. 5 or 6 years old and only a year apart. They were just starting to play 'T' ball. It had rained recently and the ground was kind of soggy. He decided to proceed with plans to go to practice anyway. The kids were so excited, and he didn't want to let them down. They all had great fun, but when it was time the boys were ready to go. They ran ahead and piled into the back seat and dutifully buckled up. During the ride home,
Bookmark the permalink. “Adapt, Overcome, and Improvise” Jan24 by Johann Wealthy Affiliates are incredible people. I am so grateful and humbled to experience this ‘Journey. Kyle and Carson have lit an explosive ‘Firestorm’ of intelligent exchange. (I don’t think those guys ever sleep) “Adapt, Overcome and Improvise” is what you have to learn in Combat to survive. Wealthy Affiliate ‘family members’ seem to have that instinct naturally. In fact have developed it to a ve
January 19, 2015
It's been a month today! I am so grateful to be in this community. I have a long way to go and much to do, but I feel accomplished already. Thank you my 'Angels'
January 18, 2015
Finally beginning to make sense. Thanks to all my Heroes in the WA Angels Brigade, I'm actually making progress. I have a long way to go, but not so daunting now.