What Is The Importance Of Website Content?

Last Update: August 17, 2018

What is the importance of website content? I keep asking myself the same question every day. However, Wealthy Affiliate has open my understanding of what works in this digital marketing.

If you are here to make good money with your blog, there is one crucial thing you must know. I realize this somehow late; I would have gone far ( at least).

Content indeed is everything. If you have a website and you are making money online good for you. However, you can not sustain it without great content. Content here includes articles on your sites, Your Podcast, and YouTube content.

You can NOT make money without solving the problem. You need to focus on one issue or the other to make an impact online. People will only visit your site just if you are solving the problem and helping your audience.

Millions of people are searching online to get their problem to solve; until you start helping people with excellent and high-quality content, nothing will move. You have to run now with tremendous and high-quality content.

The more quality articles in your niche you can come up with the better the traffics to your blog. By the time you become an authority in your niche, You won’t need to do much SEO before you get rank on page one.

My best advice is this, you don’t worry about making money first but worry about getting enough problem-solving articles published on your blog, then money will chase you.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you turn your hobbies and passion into a thriving online business. If you are dedicated and severe with over 150 videos and text tutorial at Wealthy Affiliate; you are sure to be making over $10,000 within two years.

It is great you go for an authority website Until you have over 600 articles ( an authority site); don’t expect much! However, by the time you start making money! You will be the envy of all.

So, what do you think Is the importance of website content? You can make money without great content. The question is, do you want to make money online? Wealthy Affiliate is where to be to learn how to make money with your chosen niche.

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suzzziq Premium
Great advice, John! Thanks for sharing:)
jofa Premium
You are welcome.
RikaSF Premium
Great post John. Thanks for sharing:)
MMarcus Premium
You're completely right John! As money most of us need money right away, I found out I could use the skills I learned here to provide digital marketing services to local businesses, including selling them websites while I write my blogs to create the authority we're all looking for
Hi John,

Great advice here. Can I ask if you have any examples you can share?

jofa Premium
Yes, my blog is a great example. Initially I wanted to make money instantly when I started. I was expecting visit on my website, but it was not forth coming.

But when I learnt the “ ART” of how to make money online. I started writing at least an article daily. Then things changes drastically. Within a month my traffics grew by over 50%. Though there is more to it like social media sharing etc.


MKearns Premium
Craft first. Then business takes care of itself!