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Last Update: August 11, 2020

So far with WA community in just two months, I can say never a dull moment learning the lesson. I found out that most of us here have put their heart and soul into helping generations of newcomers and the current in building a paramount structure on affiliate marketing.

But I need to dwell to what is most comforting moment and that is getting online, learn the lesson, chat with my fellow website owners.

A great day starts with a good vibe from all walks of life creating an oasis of calm even when I'm staring blankly on my notepad what to blog today.

A feeling of calmness can make us grow more to maturity regardless of age or stature. Deep down inside getting incentives is at utmost assurance as we connect to each and every one and qualifies us to lead someone into ethical progression.

What is happening right now is like creating the best customer service, navigating the logistical roadmap richly flavored with tangy comments and variety of suggestions packed with nutritional and sustainable marketing strategy.

Traditional school and online classroom settings are almost the same but in a different approach. First time in the history of my entire adult life that I got involved in this "how to fil in the gaps"

I'm very thankful to all of us here who overwhelmingly offers technical support and also be willing to receive feedback with empathy, kindness and respect.

Almost everyone is able to interact and in some ways create ideas although sometimes we are experiencing difficulties in our lesson and that is why we are commanded to ask and you shall receive.

Good day to all.


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helenwentri2 Premium
There is certainly not a dull moment as you said with WA. There is a lot to get through and understand and you seem to have it under control. Well done, keep going. All the best.
megawinner Premium
I agree with you Helen. If we are in control of our time and we know how to balance well between our own website and WA community, that would be fun and great. The point it is at the end of the day, we should have correction action so that we could look forward for our future goals to happen.While immersing yourself to a great WA community!
Joezout Premium
You seem to have really immersed yourself into this WA world of ours with the enjoyment. I for one am very happy to hear this, you are so right, it is interesting and at times calming when I sit on my patio and think up ideas for blogs. The WA lessons are fantastic, you can learn at your own pace, go back over them as many times as you like, or advance as rapidly as you like. All the WA members are readily available for help, that's what makes this such a wonderful community.

GeoffreyC1 Premium
Just keep working through each lesson and you'll soon be an expert.
megawinner Premium
Dwell on your website, niche, keywords, content, and links.
JohaneG Premium