You can't take it with you, so give it away!

Last Update: September 14, 2020

Someone shared with you... reciprocate!

  • Did someone share with you about WA?
  • Has anyone told you about where you could find something you were looking for?
  • Have you shared your enthusiasm about WA? Tell 'em... share it!
  • Anyone ever give you an encouraging word when you were down? Give it back!
  • Could you help someone today who is struggling? Share!
Could it be as simple as a smile?
  • Smile at someone... they'll wonder what you're up to!
  • Don't be so stingy... give back to someone who gave to you.
  • Most of us never thank our parents for giving us life and enriching our lives.
  • Few pause to thank a stranger who holds a door open for you... give it back!

Erma Bombeck said it perfectly:

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else."

Share the joy!


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BarbaraN Premium
Good thoughts to start the day with , Joe. In order to get something, you have to first give something. It's like the whole idea of paying it forward.
Where I live we are required to wear a mask when outside our apartments or homes. It's almost impossible to share a smile when wearing a mask and I think I hate that most of all.
LDSewell Premium
Thanks for that Joe!

It costs nothinng to be nice, and it benefits both the person receiving that kindness and the one giving it too.

The part you mention about parents (and I would add anyone most important in your life) is extremely important. We all more often than not think there is more time than there may actually be.

So we put off calling that loved one or making that trip to visit... and sadly sometimes time runs out before we ever do.

Your message today is powerful, encouraging - and can serve as a reminder to do it NOW too.

Have a great day Joe, and thanks for another greta post!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
Kalle-Marie Premium
Will do Joe.., Always great to read your blog!
Hraybal Premium
A great message Joe,

You just never know, sharing something that delivers something positive might just make a big difference to someone’s life.


LMH1968 Premium
It’s feels great to share.