Where'd they go?

Last Update: November 18, 2019

I don't see some friends anymore...

  • Where are they now?
  • Why are they not here any longer?
  • Could I have done something to keep them here?
  • Was it a money issue?
  • Were they just overwhelmed?
  • Health issues? Family issues? Job issues?

Some have told us they were leaving for health reasons. Some said they had money problems and could not continue the membership.

Others just left... vanished without a cause.

Yet, we have seen some that have been gone for quite a while come back... maybe it will balance out.

I'm missing some old friends, but I have made many new ones. I am thankful for my new friends, but I miss some of my old buddies... I hope they come back.

Are you discouraged? Overwhelmed? Financial problems? Talk to someone. Ask an Ambassador if you are overwhelmed or discouraged. None of us can help with the money, but perhaps someone might have a suggestion to help find the funds.

"Being disappointed is one thing and being discouraged is another. I am disappointed but not discouraged" Tennessee Williams

All of us face disappointment. My website had zero traffic! Maybe lessons are just too complicated for you? Every cloud has a silver lining. I recall in my days as a pilot, we would take off in a storm or rain and just a few minutes later break out on top of the clouds into the sunshine.

You can break into the sunshine any moment, keep climbing!


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Aussiemuso Premium
Some of your friends will come back I hope Joe. A lot I think find that they need to use the time to write content for their websites. At least I hope that is the reason and that they will come back with good news about their business to share with us.

Lily 😊🌹
KimRenee Premium
Thank you, Joe. That is a very helpful and uplifting perspective. I, too am disappointed, but not discouraged... Now. But a couple of years ago, it was a different story.

Not with WA, though. I am having to work a little harder at keeping up with everything in my life, but I consider this a sort of sanctuary on the days I get to write.

We are blessed.
Roybretton Premium
Hello Joe,

Thank you for the great post, very motivational and thought-provoking too!

It's amazing how many people do come and go. I don't think people quite realise how long it takes to build an online business or any business come to that. We just have to keep encouraging everyone around us to move forward.

Have a great day.

AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks so much Joe your very interesting post. I also agree with you, and I also like to suggest WA members, please hand one another friend to go up. we are all trying to learn and earn, but, my point of view, everyone can not earn, after just join,and publishing websites. We should ranks, then post should read peoples, affiliate products should buy the people. Such as many more thing should happend. Otherthing is, we should havelittle bit foturne to get something, that means, we should give others not money, but others like advices, help, supports etc.
Other thing I beleve, we shuld complete efforts, that mean unstoppable efforts. I explain in this post too. Thanks again Joe, what should we do them, only advice, for our old frend. Think new friends

nancia68 Premium
Still here!!! Happy to report. Started a new job but will be doing this too. So much I still need to learn. So much I need to write as well. It get's a bit overwhelming but I will never ever learn it if I leave! That why I'm still here. Great post Joe!