When do I make money?

Last Update: January 15, 2021

This is probably the most asked question?

  • It is especially asked by newbies or people who have been here a few weeks.
  • They have not seen any income and have the misconception that money comes fast!
  • Not! Just doesn't often happen... it is possible, but not probable.
  • Mainly because it takes time to build a business on the internet or anywhere.
Time... just takes time!
  • You can't rush it... if you do, you're sure to fall flat on your face!
  • There just are no shortcuts. No magic bullets that will shoot you to the top!
  • WA has a proven system that works... just takes too long for some people...
  • Just no way to get around it.
  • Speaking from experience, it takes focus and determination.

You will paint a beautiful painting...

  • Just follow the rules. Do the work... the lessons are necessary.
  • Build your website according to the directions... don't reinvent the wheel!
  • Time.... time... time... patience... focus... that's the only answer.

Let me leave you with this quote from Mark O'Brien:

"Yesterday's shortcuts are today's nightmares. The race is quicker when we're stricter. Keep your eyes on today, and declare what you may."


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Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Joe,

As par for the course, your material is very informative for those of us that can relate to it.

"Just follow the rules. do the work... the lessons are necessary"

I can not agree with you more, that statement sums it up, there are no short cuts in life or Affiliate Marketing. Plain and simply put, it takes time to attract visitors to our website.

Understanding how the system works and the mythology behind it is paramount to a successful business, many fail when they get the cart before the horse.

Additionally, when we try shortcuts most of the time it ends up biting us in the rear and creates major setbacks, like trying to monetize your website before you attract any visitors.

However, when done correctly your material can attract a large amount of traffic over time. This business model is a long term design and not a get rich overnight kind of scheme. I think this confuses many because most want to see instant success.

Patience is vital, and consistency is a must,

Joes946 Premium
Spot on Calvin. Perfectly stated.
JEaston Premium Plus
Great question and great post, Joe!
I want to know that too. When do I make money? Money is not going to arrive if you're not doing some action or work for it. That is why I'm here in WA doing some action. Later I will answer your question :-)
Thank you so much.
Joes946 Premium
Just keep writing great content.
Takes a lot of it.
Elaine33 Premium
I agree, it's the reason I joined WA. No promises of instant money and saying it's so easy. I never joined any of them because I didn't believe them. Like many others, I've wasted money on programs that I regretted. It makes me very cautious and I appreciated Kyle speaking the truth about the work required to be a successful affiliate.
Joes946 Premium
So true.
BarbaraN Premium
Most people who are trolling the internet are having financial troubles. Wealthy Affiliates looks like a good place to land. I don't think we place enough emphasis on the long term factor of WA. But, I'm not the boss of this outfit-and they know more than I do. People who have money troubles don't always read all the information in front of them.
The quote is right on. Short cuts are not the answer. The day in front of us is the day we need to concentrate on.
Joes946 Premium
Nailed it Barbara!
SheenEnglish Premium
Wise words
I am just trying to add content for now and go through the training so this has helped me to feel inspired