What's your motive?

Last Update: September 23, 2020

Make money online...

  • Great motive!
  • Get rich quick? Wrong place!
  • Help others? You've found your spot!
  • It all depends on you and the result will be your choice.

Are you just putting a band-aid on?

  • Just hoping your life doesn't fall apart?
  • Are you really serious about Wealthy Affiliate? What is REALLY your motive?
  • Maybe just a website to say you have an internet business?
  • Have you really looked in the mirror and answered this question?
  • Perhaps you have a dream, just don't know how to make it work?

Has your burning desire been put out?

  • Someone hurt your feelings... said something discouraging to you?
  • Maybe told you it is foolish... no money to be made on the internet?
  • When will you say ENOUGH and step up to the plate?
  • It's time to end the excuses... time to make a start.
  • Some ask "How much have you made here?"
  • Doesn't matter... it's how much YOU make that matters.

Let me leave you with a quote from De philosopher DJ Kyos:

"I listen to people motives more than I listen to what they say, because their motives won't lie."

Once more, what are YOUR motives?


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LatinNomad Premium
My motive is to be entirely financially independent, whilst helping other people and helping to improve the environment. My pension gets me 75% of the way there but I want to close the gap.

I reached out to a spirulina company here in Chile this week. They seem interested in working with us! whyspirulina (dot) com.

Have a great weekend.

Joes946 Premium
Great Trevor!
b42old Premium
Another great post Joe.
My motives are very clear and unbending. I am here to change my life!
I can't deny I am finding it challenging (writing content is a REAL struggle for me!) and sometimes ask myself "why?" but I have total belief in WA and the community and know that the only thing between me and my goal is time. I will get there.
Joes946 Premium
You will get better every day.
Patbracy Premium
Great thought provoking post. Thank you.
LMH1968 Premium
Thank you very much for sharing.
I’m doing this no matter what any
One else says. I know it works and
that is all that matters.
Meenaf1 Premium
Beautiful post! fun and meaningful indeed.