What's the most important instrument in an airplane?

Last Update: December 06, 2019

All are important, but without a compass, pilots wouldn't have any idea which way to go.

Okay, some wiseacre will tell me that modern airplanes don't have compasses...yes and no. Today they use GPS and DG (directional gyro). It's still a compass dummy!

Try tying that into something relative to WA...Okay, here it is.

  • Everyone in life needs a compass... At WA, it is our lessons... tells us which way to go.
  • Ever hear of a moral compass? Sometimes called a conscience.
  • We all need some sort of direction finder to keep us on the right course.
  • Here at WA, our lessons keep us on target. They are designed in the order they should go.
  • There are rules, that help to guide us and keep us straight.

Directions and instruments are great, but you have to follow them!

  • Lessons must be followed.
  • Rules only work when they are obeyed.
  • Build your website on the basis of what you are taught.
  • Learn from the blogs of fellow members. Many have been very successful.

WA is a great compass... we have leaders who know what they're doing. We have some great Ambassadors who have done it and can help you be successful.

Let's do it.


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CStauber Premium
You are so right, Joe. There are lots of members who are willing to be our compasses. All we have to do is ask for help. Then follow the training. Don't let distractions get in your way of what you have set out to do. I did that. I felt like I had to be Super Girl and and do it all, when all that is really important is writing solid content for our websites. Yes it's fun interacting with everyone here, but that's not our main purpose. Great post Joe.

Have a blessed weekend
Joes946 Premium
Thanks Charlotte
JeffreyBrown Premium
True, Joe, WA is the best compass ever for navigating the travails and triumphs of building an on line business!

Joes946 Premium
Thanks Jeff
Nomfundo289 Premium
Amazing post!!
Jaz333 Premium
Great analogy!

The training provided by WA can absolutely be considered 'Affiliate GPS' - If the directions are followed, one will most certainly reach their destination ..... aka success!!

Have a great day Joe! Thanks again for your wise words :)

Take care, Shannon
Joes946 Premium
Thanks Shannon
You are such an inspiration to WA!
Fleeky Premium
Yes cap!

Flying blind is not an option
Joes946 Premium