The sun is always shining on top!

Last Update: January 11, 2020

No matter how thick the clouds, the sun is always shining on top!

  • As a pilot, I have taken off many times in blinding rain, only to break out into sunshine on top of the clouds.
  • No matter what you are going through at the time, keep climbing... the sun is shining!
  • May be raining on your parade, but go higher!
  • Don't keep flying in the clouds.
  • Doesn't matter what people say to you, climb higher.
  • Write a positive blog at WA.

Finish that beautiful new website.

  • Complete those lessons and brag on it!
  • Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it... often families can be the worst!
  • Never get discouraged if someone tops you in rank.
  • Remember the sun is shining, just climb a little higher... don't stop climbing.
  • Push the throttles forward just a little more... give it another try... you'll make it this time!

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”
Helen Keller

Just keep the power up and keep climbing... the sun is shining there!


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EHozubin Premium
I have done a lot of flying through the years for business and personal, not as a pilot, but as a passenger. Your post has brought thoughts of many past trips of being above the clouds with the sun on top. it was such a pleasant view particularly rising up through the clouds and arriving at the open sky's. Looking across the open sky's and off in the distance occasionally seeing another aircraft. Even with the engine noise it just seemed so peaceful. Great Post Joe.
Joes946 Premium
Thanks. Appreciate the memories.
EdwinBernard Premium
Love the encouraging analogies Joe. Thanks for the inspiration.

Many of my favorite flights occured on rainy, cloudy days. After the plane broke through the clouds the sun shining onto the clouds below gave the illusion of flying over a carpet of white cotton! And the views through the gaps of the countryside below were breathtaking.

Like the view of where we used to be in our businesses after reaching new heights. Proof of how far we've progressed.


Joes946 Premium
Thanks Edwin.
FKelso Premium
Good analogy -- Yes, it's true...when flying, we often end up above the clouds. You of course know that better than most.

Finished the second Alaska video -- yay -- Did it with the new mic. It's so much better that I now have to go back and redo the others.
Joes946 Premium
Let me know when they're ready and the link.
DouglasPlumb Premium
I don't get a chance to fly much at all but it really is amazing how you go from gray to great over the clouds. Great post for this morning.
All the best
marcho88 Premium
Love the quote. I will always keep the face in the sun. 💥
Joes946 Premium