Over the edge?

Last Update: January 23, 2021

Are you there?

  • Pandemic has pushed many there... drugs... alcohol...
  • Lost businesses... health... family members... so many losses.
  • Maybe you're there... but you don't have to jump!
  • Let's turn this negative into a positive!
  • The pandemic has given many a new perspective, a new opportunity.
  • It's a half-full, half-empty situation...
How do you see it?
  • Are you skirting the edge, trying to see how close you can come?
  • Or... are you wading out into the deep water... taking risks... pushing the envelope.
  • Challenge is here and it's up to you to accept or reject it?
  • You can make sweet lemonade or pucker up with a bitter lemon.
  • The choice is yours... get off the ledge.
  • Alex had a great post yesterday... reinvent the wheel? YES!
Make it happen...
  • Step up to the plate... reinvent the wheel... this is no time to stop.
  • Let's get this done... complete the lessons and make a stunning website.

Let this quote from Michael Jordan get into your mind:

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

Make it happen.


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herzao63 Premium Plus
I know life it's not easy, I mean to me! But since I choosing this way. I would never pull back, and I also understand that the dirt road's that I'm walking at this moment it is so rough. There it's a concrete wall is blocking, but I'm will not going around.

I will break it through, For myself, and My family! especially I want my children's mother to have a happy life with me in this life time. So I will accept any challenge without a second though.

Because I want my children's mother to have all of the jewelry that she like, I want my kids to have the best toy, and what their love. And I want my kind of lifestyle that I dream of, so I must get going until I get in touch with my target point.

My choice is to make my family, and my children's mother Plaud of me and has a happy life! That's what I doing.

Joes946 Premium
That's a great motive!
herzao63 Premium Plus
Thank you Joe! I am really appreciate. It is a pleasure to have met you in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Hope to get in touch with you some time.
Thanks Joe
noscams2021 Premium
Joe, very inspirational, words to get the creative juices flowing,
I am back at it still developing ideas for a few niches, research and
investigate the return on investment in time and money.
Thanks for the advice.

There is an old adage about "Knowledge is Power", but, but.....
nefarious people are everywhere out there, stay VIGILANT !
Watch your wallet, and your LiFE!
Some people live by a phiilosphy of survival: "Lie, Cheat, Steal,
whatever it takes !"
We can either work harder to buy more things;
but have less time to enjoy them due to work, work, work !
Or: We can work less to enjoy the things we now have !
Fake news, misinformation, disinformation, who can we trust
or believe in?
My purview is to trust only those who give us:
"Accurate Knowledge which creates Power! "
Joes946 Premium
BarbaraN Premium
Some say that a person who looks at a glass that has water in it and calls it half full is an optimist. The next person who looks at the glass of water and calls it half empty is a pessimist. Uncertainty is a hard feeling to live with, but it can be overcome. In many ways, all this down time can be put to good use. Spruce up your website, plan a series of blogs, make a list of keywords--- Make yourself do something--anything, except sit there and feel sorry for yourself.

Take Michael Jordan's quote and fill it out: "If you want it to happen, stop sitting there wishing it would happen, get busy and make it happen."
noscams2021 Premium
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Joe thank you for the mention, I enclose a qoute from the Rock which is quite apt for these times.

The problem is that we can be floating in a sea of lemons far from the lemonade factory.

The thing is that this pandemic has a long way to run yet, our collective titanic moment.

The really cool thing for us here in WA is that we get to create new every day.

Great Post Joe filled with positive reminders.

Joes946 Premium
Thanks Alex.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
We live to fight another day
Joes946 Premium