I want to make money quick!

Last Update: July 18, 2019

Wrong place!

  • No quick bucks here.
  • Internet business grows slowly.
  • Takes time to build a website.
  • Requires months sometimes to populate the website with great content.

Chinese Bamboo

  • First year - not even a sprout. More water.
  • Second year - still no growth. More water.
  • Third year - Nada - nothing - more water.
  • It can take up to 5 years for the tree to show up.
  • Then in just 6 weeks it shoots up as high as 80 feet.
  • The secret is in the root system, growing underground.

That's how the internet business is

  • Time to build a root system (website/content/marketing strategy)
  • You must learn the rules of internet marketing.
  • It is necessary to create a following.
  • You have to use all the tools available to you at WA.

It takes patience

  • Oh yes, did I mention work?
  • How about money?
  • Although you can join WA free, you do have to spend a few dollars on a domain.
  • You are going to have to learn how to market using all the methods available.
  • Some say they don't need the training - you might swim the ocean, but there are sharks!

The internet is scattered with the bones of failed dreams, broken promises, unfulfilled ideas.

Of course, there is money to be made here at WA. It just requires more than promises. It takes more than hoping it will work.

Make up your mind. Wrap your brain around a little investment and quite a lot of hard work.

Then, enjoy the journey!


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TonyJS Premium
Work, work, work and then work some more!!
A house cannot be built without solid foundations as a tree cannot grow without strong roots!
“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”
Joes946 Premium
True n
Surfdude123 Premium
Guess I got about two years until my tree sprouts. I got close.to four years here and nada but lots of roots.
Joes946 Premium
Keep growing the roots and never give up!
RHattaway Premium
Very good and I like your use of bullet points. This makes your posts much easier to read.......Richard
Cinderella4 Premium
What a nice comparison of internet business with the growth of Chinese bamboo. Thanks for sharing such insight.:-)

Joes946 Premium
Thanks Cinderella
Joachim222 Premium
Thanks for an inspirational read! So important to realise this and always keep in the back of your mind when that doubt comes creeping...

Thanks again,
Joes946 Premium