Hey. I can do this!

Last Update: January 15, 2020

I'm tired of waiting!

  • I've been staring at this computer for days, not it's time for action!
  • Gonna write my first blog.
  • By golly, I can do these lessons... just watch me.
  • Yep, I am going to build my website.

I'm tired of watching others succeed!

  • If others can make money on line, so can I!
  • Gonna take the leap... ready or not, here I come... my first blog is coming today.
  • Yes, I will do the lessons. I will build the website.
  • Of course, I'm going to brag a little when I do!
  • When my posts are indexed, I'm going to shout it out.

Okay, so I don't speak good English.

  • I'm going to learn.
  • I will use the ABC spell checker and watch my grammar.
  • Yes, I can learn and I will help others who don't speak good English.
  • Of course, this is not going to be easy... no one said it would be.
  • BUT, I am going to do this! Gonna see more of me around here.

Now, make this your mantra. Make this your declaration. Let this be the day of new beginnings... I am going to do this!


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EHozubin Premium
There are a lot of members in WA that may not have credentials of a first class English major. Many of those are turning out some very good Posts. In fact my website which I am finally getting on the road with is all about that subject. Great Post Joe.
AlexandraT11 Premium
Joe, as soon as you start you get totally caught up in it and the belief in yourself grows and grows. By lesson 3 you have a live website and you will feel so happy with yourself. I promise you 100% just start the ball rolling and you will enjoy it! Trust me!
Elari108 Premium
I really like this post. Yes, I'm going to be successful one day, anybody can if they just put work to it and believe na just do it. And I really really like that picture what you placed before the end text. In that picture there are my language word too ''Ma armastan sind'' which means I love you. And yes I do love WA.

Thank you Joe,

Joes946 Premium
Thanks Elari. I believe you will succeed. You have what it takes and yes, WA is a great place. Glad you're here.
greygoodz Premium
Go for it Joe....do something every day and it will grow...brick by brick.

If you need any help the training here covers everything.

Jay has actually got a great video series that started this year and it shows you step by step what you need to do..

Good luck.

Joes946 Premium
That's the secret Tony. Brick by brick. Great reply.
LatinNomad Premium
Of course you will Joe. And so will I & anybody else who reads this! DO IT Now!
Joes946 Premium
Thanks for the reply and thanks for stopping by.