Help. I can't see the ground!

Last Update: May 12, 2020

I was flying some passengers into Dover, England and the weather was typical... clouds and rain. I heard a young lady pilot talking with the control tower and she had somehow gotten above the clouds and couldn't see the ground.

If you are going to fly in England, you had better have an instrument rating, where you can fly and navigate by instruments, rather than seeing the ground.

The tower had asked if we could fly alongside her and let her see us and keep her eyes on us and descend through the clouds. Long story short... she did and we all landed safely.

Okay, what's this got to do with Wealthy Affiliate?

Sometimes you can't see the trees for the forest!

  • It's easy to get caught up in "busy stuff" and miss the important things.
  • So easy to concentrate on the forest and miss the trees.
  • You can get caught "on top" of a website and just can't find your way through it.
  • Becoming overwhelmed in copy and paste that you forget what you are supposed to do.
  • I remember in the U. S. Air Force, we were taught "these necessary things."
  • Just the basics... stick with the basics... don't run ahead of the program.

Many of us want to rush to the end of the book!

We don't have time to read the pages... we lose the benefits by rushing to the end.

Take your time... don't move to the next lesson until you finish the one you're on.

Don't launch your website until you have it built!

If you can't see the ground, read the book again... go back to the basics.


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DBlanchard Premium
Awesome Joe! We often do exactly that, rush at the end of the book instead of enjoying the whole book. I am guilty as charged 🙂.
However, I have grown personally and WA has helped me become persistent and patient and today I reap the rewards.

Thanks for the great analogy!
Chris737 Premium
A great analogy! One step at a time. I'm definitely not going as fast as I would like but I'm playing the long game here.

Side note: I was out on an instrument flight exercise with some students of mine, when a call came from air traffic control if we could find an aircraft who got lost due to the weather closing in.
We accepted it and found a gap in the clouds, got visual and located the poor pilot who was disorientated. We led him back to his home base where he made a safe landing, before climbing back up into the clouds and we headed for home.
Goganmweb Premium
hey Joe! you are just not right but reading our minds, I just went back to the star as i realised i haven grasped what i thought i had especially the building my website am lost somewhere plugging in stuff then not remebering how to activate then i looss it al and then the panique begins!how timely ;
MurphysMom Premium
Joe this is a refreshing post. I know you didn’t write it for me, but it sure hits the mark. I rushed through so much of Affiliate Bootcamp. Then health issues for my husband and myself hit us. For a few months I didn’t do anything. Feeling too old to put in the effort. Black Friday came around and I signed up through 2021. Started Bootcamp all over. I still have the tendency to want to skip through something, but I’m not. Thank you for this message; I’m sure the community will benefit from this.

Do you post this on your webpage or Profile page? Do posts on our personal page get seen by Google?
(The end of the Book pictured surely is the Bible. I’m in a FB Live group on Revelation. All my years working in the church. I’ve avoided it.)

Blessings, Joe
Twack Premium
Master the fundamentals and the journey will not be fraught with the unexpected.