Flying on autopilot!

Last Update: November 30, 2019

I learned to fly long before there were autopilots.

We had to "hand fly" the airplane from take off to landing. Today, the autopilot flies the plane from the moment you push the throttles forward until you pull them back after landing.

What does this have to to with WA?

Everything...let me explain:

  • First, you don't have to fully understand how it works.
  • You only need to know that it works.
  • Trust it.
  • Use it.

At WA, you don't need to fully understand how the platform works. You just need to know that it works. Has for years... will continue to work for the future.

You must trust the system... may not understand it, but trust Kyle, Carson and Jay to bring you the correct information and keep it updated.

Use it... aaahhh... bet you hadn't thought of that! You don't have a better mousetrap. Usually, those who complain about it haven't used it!

Did you do the lessons? When I say do them, I mean did you DO them? Each lesson contains a "to to". There is something you need to DO. Did you do it? If not, it won't work.

At the end of each lesson there is a section in which Kyle tells you to ask him any questions you have about that lesson... not lesson 12 if you are working on lesson 3. THAT lesson.

Don't be a rabbit and keep jumping around from lesson to lesson... won't work... I promise. How to I know? Guess!

So, isn't about time to put your on line business on autopilot? Let the lessons to their job.

Still have questions? At the top of your dashboard on WA, there is a box to ask any question you can think of. In 99.9 percent of the time, the answer will pop up, in the form of a lesson, tutorial, blog or answer to someone else question about the same thing.

Chat roll... people are assigned there to help. Need technical help with your website... we have a wonderful support team, almost Enter your own correction....

Key? Use it. Trust it. Might surprise you how easy it is.

Just sayin


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smben69 Premium
Hey Joe I started my flying career in 1969. We barely had radios for crying out loud. A lot of airplanes here in Northwestern Montana didn't the freight companies I flew for removed all the auto Pilots because of weight and maintenance. So it was all hand flying. We were damn lucky to have heat whenever a heater broke down it was time to bed maintenance to fix it. So some nights we flew without heat and when it's cold outside do you know how cold it is at altitude. I used to wear a full Carhartt insulated cover all on top of everything else I had on. All for the $50 a trip I got. Trying times. I do enjoy reading your blog text Joe. You're giving me more inspiration. I've got to get busy thank you again for your friendship and your comments. It's cold out here tonight in Northwest Montana. But beautiful all the same I am alive. Your friend Steve
Jules73 Premium
Thanks Joe this is a timely reminder, I hope to finish the training for the 1st time around shortly and then I aim to do it all over again for good measure and with more insight and perhaps more of an understanding the 2nd time around :-)
exgrosteve Premium
That was entirely worth "just sayin". Thank you Joe :-)
GPaige Premium
Really good analogy Joe !! And since you mentioned the rabbits jumping around, it's the turtle that wins the race !! One of my goals this year is to make sure that on WA everyday. Just keep plugging away and eventually when you use the formula - voila !!
Twack Premium
No point in trying to reinvent the wheel. Excellent reminder Joe.
Joes946 Premium
Thanks Twack