After the mountain top, what's left?

Last Update: September 19, 2020

The sky!

  • Sky's the limit, we're told, but is it?
  • For years 10'000 ft. Was the limit for airplanes. Then came oxygen.
  • Next came pressurized airplanes.
  • Then came rocket engines - trip to the moon - Mars - what's left?
  • There are no limits except in your mind!
What’s your limit?
  • Money? Time? Imagination?
  • We all have them, but do we have to?
  • What if Kyle and Carson had stopped when they got the first enrollment 15 years ago?
  • Have you stopped before you finish the lessons?

Ending with a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer:

"The only limits you have are the limits you believe"

Think about that!


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Francisco97 Premium
Great post Joe, I am inspired in WA because of all of you who are optimistic. Whenever i feel like being discouraged about my business, I am always reminded of the encouraging story of our founders Kyle and Carson, that they both were experiencing such feelings but they were determined to succeed and so here they are the founders of the best platform in the world the "Wealthy Affiliate" where all the successful and the successful to be are residing. Have a great weekend Joe.
Joes946 Premium
Thanks. You too.
Twack Premium
There will always be "What's next ?".
Never settle.
Great reminder Joe, thank you.
Joes946 Premium
Twack Premium
LMH1968 Premium
Great share Joe.
The only is the one we impose on ourselves.🤩
chLSD Premium
"If you think the sky is the limited you have limited imagination." Unknown
mike495 Premium
Hello Joe, I have watched Dr. Dyer on you tube, great content, I also follow Dr. Joseph Murphy and have his books, thanks for sharing this info