Adjust your expectations to the realities!

Last Update: December 02, 2019

The internet is full of promises... many broken!

  • Tons of money making schemes out there.
  • Loads of up sells... buy this and it will save you tons... for just $49 you can have this...
  • The list goes on... more promises... broken promises.
  • Many gurus who have made fortunes and want to share their knowledge...
  • AND take your money!
  • I've found most of them and given them thousands!

Take it from someone who has put a lot of money in the internet!

  • One of the greatest scams is the "up sell".
  • Just keep buying more bells and whistles... you'll get rich quickly.
  • Keep beating a dead horse... who knows... he may rise up and make you rich!
  • He may also drain your bank account and leave you bitter and broke.

I have a better idea!

  • I have been with Wealthy Affiliate going on 2 years.
  • Just took advantage of the Black Friday $299 deal for another year.
  • Built 4 websites and and working on the 5th one.
  • Rose in rank to Ambassador.
  • Helped a lot of people by encouraging them to rise above mediocre.
  • At the youthful age of 82, plan to make my fortune here at WA.

I invite you to join me in this exciting journey. Make it happen.


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JohnFIII Premium
Simple question. So, after two years you should be making a decent or half way decent amount of money, correct? I only ask because an automated email from Kyle says, give me one year and a little bit of effort...

Just trying to decide if the yearly special is worth it sine I have not seen a penny yet. And please, none of that it takes time. There are some here who have made SOMETHING in less than six months.
Joes946 Premium
Everything depends on you John. How quickly you can do the lessons, how quickly you can build a successful website, filled with great content, your niche you have chosen, so much depends on that.
If you have followed the lessons, perhaps spent a few dollars on ads, done a few videos, you are well on your way and should start to see traffic.
Wish you well on your journey.
Brenda63 Premium
Joe, thats so true. You're two years older than my mother. My mother has a hard time understanding the Internet and learning how to use iPhone and iPad. Sometimes she gets frustrated. Because she lives in Fargo and Im in Portland, Oregon, I can’t physically be there to help her. Instead I walk her through it via screen shots. They seem to work better for her. Im impressed that you have built many sites. This gives me the motivation to kick myself in the rear to get going. With all the scams going on in the world and courses that forces you to pay more and more, its crazy. I agree with that.
Joes946 Premium
You can do it and help your mother too.
LenkaSophie Premium
You are so right, Joe! I am sick of all the empty promises and after having experience with some I can recognise them immediately! Blah-blah-blah and bragging, once you know it sounds stupid but still so many people fall for that.
There's no better investment in my eyes than WA. We've got all we need here.
Joes946 Premium
Sad Lenka
EdwinBernard Premium
It's a fact of Internet business life that the business model of many companies are based on up sells. I joined several companies like that and left before I got sucked into their up sell programs. Naturally, they trained new members to become rich quickly by doing the same thing. Attracting customers with the low monthly fee followed by promoting the more expensive programs.

One such company had an entire course dedicated to teaching how to grow traffic. They made it out to be something mysterious that justified the cost of over $500. Then there were courses on writing copy that sells that cost more.

I wrote a blog where I priced each of the programs available here a la carte and they added up to almost $4000. There are tools and programs here that others do not even market. When you estimate a price for these, the total ends up being almost $10K.

This puts the $299 into perspective.

There is nothing out there that even comes close to the value that Wealthy Affiliate pprovides.

Well stated Joe.

Joes946 Premium
Spot on Edwin. So true.
Stanleycmng Premium
Joe, I have also stumble on that path and spend quite a tidy sum to be a living proof to the old adage,

“There is no free lunch,” and

“If it is too good to be true, it probably is.”

Now, we just love to be serenaded by promises of big earning with zero effort. My favorite, 7 figure income for $17 and yes, the upsells.

Now, Wealthy Affiliate is $299 a year and no upsells. No promises of 7 figure earnings but only you have to learn and put in the work...

How does it compare?

Your call...
Joes946 Premium
Great post Stanley and right on!