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Last Update: January 21, 2019

Are you interested in making money online?

What if I told you that there was a way to leave that full-time job and replace your income with a completely passive income?

A passive income requires you to put in A LOT of work in the beginning but then you sit back and watch the money roll in.

Yes... it's possible.

I was so skeptical about working online AND replace my current income. I still have responsibilities so it requires me to work to pay for the bills.

I have never really thought about working online until I recently did some research on the subject. And then I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform created by Kyle and Carson and they have both been very successful in the online money making business world.

They developed Wealthy Affiliate to connect with others and help them create their online business. They have so much training within the platform they have created, it's ridiculous.

Many of you may have started up already and if that's you... then GREAT!

If you have not... I would HIGHLY recommend you give it a try.

Here is the link to get started with the FREE starter package.

The platform at Wealthy Affiliate gives you literally every tool you need to be successful. But there is 2 sides of the spectrum here...

Free Starter Version VS Premium Version

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you have the option to continue through their FREE starter package. As it states, it is completely free of charge. But with this comes limited recourse. For instance...

Free Version:

  • Access to the first 10 Core Training Lessons
  • 2 Websites
  • Limited Keyword Research
  • Live Help for 1st 7 Days

The free version allows you to get your feet wet and simply feel out everything that is offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

However... if you decide to upgrade to Premium, the process with increased DRAMATICALLY.

After signing up for the free package, you have 7 days to upgrade to the Premium Membership for a discount of 19$ for the first month.

After the first month is up... you will be paying 49$ a month unless you decide to pay for the entire year at a whopping 359$.

What a deal huh? Just wait till you hear all that you will receive when upgrading to Premium...

Premium Version:

  • ALL Training Material
  • Up to 50 Websites
  • Free SSL Certificates for ALL Websites
  • Access to Jaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Private Access to Owners of Wealthy Affiliate
  • 24/7 - 365 days a year, Website Technical Support and Many More!

Sounds good and want to get started with the Premium Version right away? Head here to sign up!

OK cool... you get a lot in return. But what do all these things mean/ have to do with what I am trying to accomplish?

I stated above that I was very new to this world of online business and making money online. Now... after going through all the training on this platform, I would say I know what I am doing and I am heading in the right direction.

When you become a premium member at WA (Wealthy Affiliate) you gain access to ALL training material. This is very important because this will allow you to have access to everything you need to start and run a successful online business.

In the training, Carson and Kyle explain everything you need to know and they do so VERY effectively. It's very easy to follow.

Again... when I started I knew NOTHING about affiliate marketing...

It was the help I gained through this site that influenced me to start and run an effective and successful online business.

Another GREAT tool you will have access to is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is so awesome because it's a keyword research tool. A lot of what you will be doing is creating the best possible content as you can for viewers. Jaaxy allows you to search for the best keywords to use so you can reach as many people as possible.

I can promise that if you go Premium... you will NOT be disappointed. You have everything you need right in front of you... so what are you waiting for?

Who am I and Why listen to me?

This is a great question because I wouldn't tell you to just listen to whoever and believe them. You must have a little bit of trust.

I completely agree with the above statement. But I also had no idea who some of the people were in this community and I took a leap of faith anyways.

I obviously did my research before fully committing to WA Premium but it didn't take me too long. I spent about a month or so in the starter package before I made the jump.

I looked at other successful people within the community and seeked advice, knowledge... everything you could want to know about running an online business. I learned it all from the people here within the community!

Being a premium member is A LOT more than just paying the fees... you have all the resources here within the platform and you have a community FULL of like-minded individuals. So if you have questions then ask and you will receive your answer through the people here who have proved that this works.

I run an online business and it is just starting to pick up more and more traffic. I have only been a member since Oct of 2018. So yes... I am never new.

But unlike some people on here... I admit that I am heading in the right direction and I am utilizing everything that WA Premium has to offer.

So again... if you are interested in starting the FREE Starter pack please begin here with creating an account.

If you are interested in moving up to premium, you can do so here.

Or if you would like to do more research... feel free to go here.

I really hope this helps some people in making a decision that has the opportunity to change their entire life!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them in the designated box below. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

With Gratitude,


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HowToBeA Premium
Nice review and great call to actions too. Love how you break down those barriers of skeptics whom might be interested in WA. Great post my friend and wish you much success.

Joemsmith Premium
Thank you so much! Just doing what I can to help others become successful at whatever they are striving for!
ShaunDoust Premium
Hi Joseph, Wow you sure nailed it good man, maybe there is a career right here a WA for you as a lecturer Lol.
Jokes aside, well-done Buddy you sure have grasped the concept of WA. Thank you for your wise words, much appreciated!
Joemsmith Premium
Lol. Thank you for the kind words!
ShaunDoust Premium
Pleasure Joe.
Oummie Premium
Thanks for this post. You said your website is gaining more and more traffic. That's great. Any chance you could share some numbers to encourage us real newbies? I.e. have you started to make money from this website? Thanks for the post again. Oummie
Joemsmith Premium
I could share numbers but I do not have enough to even make a point... the point of this post was not to gloat or share numbers. I just wanted to share my opinion on how much better being a premium member is. When I say I am gaining more traffic its simply due to following the steps in the training here at WA and I gain organic traffic. Sharing my quality content on social media sites and ask for comments. It honestly is VERY important to create quality content but I would also like to encourage everyone to show your audience that you care about them. I don't do this for money. I do it to spread positivity and provide as many people as I can with the tools and resources to live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life! Thank you for the comment!
beachwood Premium
Excellent article Joseph! You really knocked this one out of the park bro! Like you, Wealthy Affiliate has been a huge game changer for me simply because I have personally seen results and as a result of these results I believe in Wealthy Affiliate wholeheartedly! The proof is in the pudding so to speak that the training, tools, and platform just plain work! Again, great job!

Joemsmith Premium
Thank you Chris! I am always learning and will always put myself in a room where I am not the smartest person so I influence the most amount of learning possible!
beachwood Premium
Exactly! I like your style!
Blessedalso2 Premium
Hi Joseph!

I would say you are well on your way!

Nicely done, be ready because your post sounds like a winner!

Job well done!

I look forward to reading the success you receive from this article!

All the best,

Joemsmith Premium
Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. I am just trying to help others out!