Ah-ha! Finally a Premium Member

Last Update: March 29, 2016

I finally took that great leap and am now a Premium Member. Never would i have thought that such a community ever exists online, after coming across indefinite number of sites that promise you how to be successful and get rich - instantaneously, and hooking you to commit financially as a member and thereafter leave you clueless and lost.

This place is absolutely real! Most times, successful people will tend not to share all their "trade secrets" of being successful and rich. They tend to hold back just a small percentage of it to themselves. However with the given benefit of being a Premium Member for the first 7 days, it feels so different when being in WA's website.

Step by step training lessons are easily made available to guide and teach you how to select what you want to market and create website etc. For that it makes life so much simpler when for a mother of 3 like me, whose everyday routines circle around household chores, preparing meals, taking care of kids ages 1-5 and recently attending night courses, has so little time to do a lot of readings and research on all of these.

With the added value of fellow members helping one another real time and that includes both founders Kyle and Carson, I'm definitely sure I will enjoy my stay with WA. Looking forward to a brighter future and success with everyone here on WA. Cheers!

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WebBasedUser Premium
Congrats on going premium
Michelle04 Premium
Congratulations on taking that step into premium! You now have all the tools and support you need to get your website up and going! :)
Tw1 Premium
Welcome to Premium! You have made a great decision to invest in your future! I wish you great success and prosperity!
If I can be of any help just let me know.