How to post user generated content ugc?

How to post user generated content ugc?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello everyone,
Does anyone familiar with this UGC?
How does it work within your blog posts?
Is it merely for brand awareness or generating more traffic to your brand?

Thanks again everyone, cheers.


Thanks Abie

If you do decide to share UGC, make sure you have their permission to do so in all forms. Not just for the page where they posted it, but also any other pages where you intend to use it. You literally need the permission spelled out and kept on file to be compliant.

We have not done this.
But there is some very interesting information when doing a google search.
"is it wise to do user generated content on a wordpress website"

I was curious and one comment I found was this.
Over 25% of the search results for the 20 largest brands in the world are linked to user-generated content. As a result, integrating user-generated content into your SEO strategy is an effective way to boost your brand's search rankings and to build social proof for your products.

I'd like to see the answers you get, Joe! It might help me too.

Take care, my friend!


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Is there a text to speech plugin out there?

Is there a text to speech plugin out there?

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Website Development & Programming

Hello everyone,
Is there a Text To Speech plugin that you can recommend to me?
I'm now thinking to add voiceover to my website for visitors with reading disabilities.

Thanks, everyone.
I think I have found one.
This software is called Speechelo. Not bad. It is exactly what I'm looking for.


You're very welcome!

That’s interesting! Some of my YouTube Friends use and recommend Speechelo

There are many... just google it.

Hi - it's an interesting idea, but I would imagine that anybody with reading difficulties would already be using a device or a Chrome extension, etc that does this. So, you may be adding a plugin unnecessarily.

I like this idea, many thanks.

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What is this 'clarity' metric in ga for?

What is this 'clarity' metric in ga for?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hello wonderful people,

I wondered what is this 'Clarity' metric under Engagement > Events in GA for? Does anyone know about this?
I was shocked when I performed a

I don't use Clarity yet but I read about how to set it up.
You can integrate Clarity with GA, this is the integration page.
It was interesting learning about Clarity.


it is an interesting analytic program... a bit weird at the start as you are watching over someones shoulder...
there is a training on setting it up have been using it for about a year now- from what i remember and it is still suprising how many variants of 'reading ' the article there are...
have fun with it when you get there John

Appreciated it, John.

do you have microsoft clarity added to your site....
is this the event...results passed over to there....

Oh yes I did, I have totally forgotten this, thanks, Phil.

Oh well google only counts its own...

I’m scared to go to the toilet with my phone now,lol. Who knows what the Google god can see….arrgghh.

Uh... using old fashioned phone

They can see. I’m wearing aluminium foil on my head

🤣🤣 Watch out for the Big Screen TVs too, Stevoi! There are cameras inside! Think George Orwell's 1984!

Jeffoi 👀


This is something new. Don't know much about it, but it looks like it has something to do with capturing a visitors navigation around your site.

I wouldn't worry about the drop right now and just keep creating new post content..

Interesting would like to know this as well.

Me too, Tony!

We have some great answers here, Jeff, Tony.

It certainly looks like it, Joe! Keep succeeding, my friend!


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Can we check from the gsc about post indexing?

Can we check from the gsc about post indexing?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know in the GSC, under the 'URL inspection', the metric Coverage status showed 'submitted and indexed', does that mean a post is already ind

This may also help

Thanks, Abie.

You're very welcome.

Yes it does mean a post is already indexed!

Sounds great, thanks, Brianna.

you should be able to type into google site:yoururl/post title
and find it listed...
if not then it is not indexed...
have fun
google is being a bit hit and miss at the moment for indexing...

Yes to all of this, you have gotten good answers here Joe

Yes, certainly, John.

Awesome, thanks, Phil.

no worries...
glad you are getting indexed

Our GSC says "URL is on Google" when indexed.

Good to know, thank you, George.


You are so very welcome.

You will get an email from Google when you index.

I rarely get emails from Google, but find out my posts are indexed in GSC. Does everyone get emails? There is no consistency as such for me!


Me too, Erlene.
I seldom or never get emails from Google about this episode.


I hardly get any emails from Google about post indexing, Joe.

You would get an email from WA if you published through site content.

I publish all of my articles through site content. Still don't receive emails. Very inconsistent with what I am told Google typically does. What gives?


True, Google does.

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Can we change the keywords on the title of a post?

Can we change the keywords on the title of a post?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hello, wonderful community,
I'm just curious if a post has NOT been indexed after 2 - 3 months, can we relook into the keywords title and change it? Is that possible?

Hi Joe,
You have 2 options here as other members have identified:
1. Improve the existing post
2. redo the keyword research and change the URL, Keyword title etc.
The most fundamental thing with either 1 or 2 is your keyword research, including competition and the quality of your article.
So e.g. if you have "missed the mark" and not meeting users needs or good enough quality or Google cannot figure out the purpose of your article etc, then Google and other search engines may not index it.
Regards John

You can change all except the URL , if the URL changes to Google it is a new post.

So any ranking done on the post would be lost

Yes , I would like to know how to do this also, Please Share. 😎😀😀😎

After you have once saved your post you will see the URL for that post,. The URL is no established for the post.
After it is published you can edit the title by looking under the title for the title url. You can edit it and save it by clicking ok. That will make the post title different from the permalinks URL. But if you do that you original keyword phrase should still show up in the title.
For example - best-shoes-for-women could be the permalink. but you could change the post title and its url to 5-best-shoes-for-women

You must publish your post first to get the permalink then change its status to "draft" then you can change the title and its url. and when read republish your post.

Have a look at this, it may help.


You can, but what is the real problem?
Is your URL (post tile) title (keyword phrase) too competitive?
Should you be looking to write a new post with a new URL and New title? Obviously the post content must focus on the post title.

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