Sharing a Little Motivation

Last Update: May 18, 2017

Yesterday was a rough day for me, but instead of giving up, I reached out to this wonderful community here at WA. The responses were exactly what I needed to change my perspective.

I want to thank each and every one of you that commented, I appreciate it more than word can say.

As a thank you I wanted to share a poem I wrote to help you all find a little motivation when you need it.

Why Not Today

Every day can be the start of something new

Each sunrise gives you a second chance to change what you do

All the things you dream of, both day and night

All the things you were afraid of when you should have had the fight

It's never too late to turn your life around

It's never too late for happiness to be found

This is the day for you to make things right

It is the day to open your eyes and start to fight

It's time to change the things that bring you down

Life is too short to spend it with a frown

You are given this chance each and every day

It's up to you to do what you may

Don't sit there and allow life to just pass you by

Time runs away if you allow it to fly

Make this life the one that you want

There really is no time for you to act nonchalant

You have to get out there and make your own way

This is your only life, so why not do it today

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ajones64 Premium
I love it. Every second counts.
jmbruce55 Premium
Thank you, that is definitely the truth.
Alextbone Premium
Hey Jada, thank you for the poem. Keep at it! You have a wonderful site and a great foundation to grow on. Congrats in advance.

jmbruce55 Premium
I am in such a better place today so I thought I would pay it forward.
MKearns Premium
Great Jada. make haste. Do not delay!
jmbruce55 Premium
My sentiments exactly