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Last Update: May 07, 2017

Hello Wealthy Affiliate. Today I offer up my first blog post since joining just a few short weeks ago. I quickly jumped into the training and before I knew it, I was at Lesson 10 and that included the 2 days that it took me to finally decide on a niche.

My website,, is up and running and it is slowly taking shape. I have planned out the next month of blog posts and I have begun to add content to my site.

I am super excited about the journey forward and knowing that a whole community has my back and is there if I have questions, that only makes it that much better. Thanks everyone for making this experience so great.


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tonypuck Premium
Great site Jada, love always sells. i LOVE your site, and I may even reach out to you for relationship advice. Thank you for sharing.
jmbruce55 Premium
Thank you. I am always here if you need.
KMeyer Premium Plus
markr0675 Premium
Way to go Jada. Movin on strong! Good for you!
Emeolu Premium
Nice website.
Alextbone Premium
Beautiful site. I can't wait for your date night post! Congrats!